How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Relaxing Spa

With so many stresses and strains on our day to day lives, our homes have become our sanctuaries.  After a long busy day, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the tub and letting our troubles melt away.  However, if your bathroom is tired and cluttered, you might be finding it hard to relax in.

This guide will help you turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa.

Add a touch of luxury

When you think of spas, you often think of luxury and style.  So adding a touch of chicness to your bathroom is a good place to start.

An upgrade to your walls and floor will certainly help transform your space from drab to fab.  Choosing good quality tiles in natural tones will not only create a feeling of luxury but encourage a sense of calm.  If you’re retiling the floor, think about adding some underfloor heating too.  The added luxury of a warm floor will be a delight.

Upgrade your old toilet fixture to a high-quality macerating toilet. It is another concept that’s starting to take the spotlight in modern bathrooms. Since this is easy to install and transport, it is no doubt a top toilet choice for today’s homeowners.

Think about changing your taps to glamorous gold mixers or modern matt black faucets.  Change your towel rail, door handle and shower fittings to match.  

Of course, these changes can be expensive.  So, if the cost to tile a bathroom and install underfloor heating is too much, then don’t despair there are other tricks you can use.

Create the right ambience

The first simple step you can take to create the right ambience, is to remove bathroom clutter.  If your bathroom is littered with half-empty bottles of shampoos and lotions, then tidy these away.  Adding an RTA bathroom vanity unit can be of great help in addressing such clutter and keeping things organized.

Next, add some deep green leafed or exotic plants to the room.  Bringing nature into the bathroom will help you destress and create a softness to the space. And some plants, like English Ivy can even help remove mold and toxins in the air that build up in damp spaces.

Small accessories can produce big changes in your bathroom and give it that spa-like quality.  Candles are a great way to soften the light and mood in the bathroom.  Choose your favourite scented candles to scatter around the edge of the bathtub as you enjoy a soak.

Make your time in the bathroom feel like a special event. Splash out on fluffy towels, gowns, and slippers so you feel like you’re visiting a luxury spa.  Decant your lotions and potions into pretty glass bottles or use stylish soap dispensers. 

Finally, don’t forget the bubbles (for the bath that is).  

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