10 Makeup Trends for Summer 2021

By Alison Pearson

After a long and dull winter, we can all agree that we are relieved that summer is finally here. Besides finally being able to spend some fun time outdoors, the warmer part of the year is also the perfect time to try out some new and surprising makeup looks. 2021 brings a colourful array of new trends: here are 10 to try out!

Brushed up brows

Bushy brows have been preferable to plucked ones for a while now, and this year, too, we are mostly going to see thick, brushed up brows on the runways and the covers of magazines. If you feel confident about this trend, your best bet is getting your brows laminated – this way, you won’t have to bother doing them every day. If you’re still experimenting, get a clear brow gel and see how this trend looks on you!

Eyeliner is still in

Eyeliner is truly something that will never go out of style. However, this year, we’re finding new twists on it again. Instead of black, this summer, reach for bright colours and try out the graphic liner trend that is ruling the scene right now. Blue, pink and yellow are just some of the colours you can try. Practice your skills to nail that perfect curve when the time comes.

Colourful eyeshadow

It’s safe to say that “colourful” is a good way to describe the trends of spring/summer 2021. If the graphic liner is not your thing, you can add some colour to your look with the help of colourful eyeshadows. Colour blocking is all the rage right now, so don’t shy away from trying some unexpected shades. You can go for a soft pink for a romantic look as well.

Bold lipstick

We simply cannot forget about our lips either. The good news is that everyone’s favourite bold red lip is still trendy today. But if you’d rather go for a romantic monochrome look, pair your pink eyeshadow with pink lipstick! It’s still not too late to update your lipstick collection since you can find quality cosmetics online with a few clicks.

Add colour to your cheeks

To have a cute and innocent look, you will love the next trend on our list. Flushed, rosy cheeks are in, so don’t forget to pick the right shade of blush for your skin tone. Deep, cool-toned berry shades are very popular right now, and they can add a dose of mature elegance to an evening look, too. 

A new twist on mascara

Picking up a colourful eyeshadow palette is not the only way to bring some playfulness to your eye makeup. Coloured mascaras might not be everyone’s favourite, but what better time to try them out than during the warmest months of the year? Fun shades like cobalt blue can be a great tool when working on your colour blocking!

A summer glow

Healthy, glowing skin is still the number one “makeup” you can wear, so hopefully, you haven’t been slacking with your skincare routine! Of course, the only thing you need on your face when going out for some fun in the sun is a strong, well-protecting sunscreen, but for a natural no-makeup look, a few subtle additions will make a big difference. Get a tinted moisturizer to hide some of your imperfections while keeping your skin supple in the summer heat!

Bronze tones

A no-makeup look doesn’t have to look bland. If you want to add a bit more drama and you haven’t yet had the chance to get a gorgeous tan this year, then using a bit of contour is a good idea. Add some bronzer to bring in the summer vibes, and make sure you shine with some highlighter on your cheeks. Keep it natural for a “just back from the beach” look!

Glossy lips

Glossy, dewy looks are what define the makeup scene these days, so it’s no wonder that lip gloss is making a comeback this summer. You can use it for natural looks to add some glam, but you can also use it to spice up your lipstick and make a statement. If you’re not a fan of the gloss – let’s face it, people either love it or hate it – then you can use some satin lipstick for a mild shine instead.

Dramatic lashes

Finally, in 2021, it’s worth getting a lash lift. Natural-looking but still dramatic eyelashes are a great way to complement any look, even a no-makeup makeup one. Therefore, if you go for an effective mascara, false lashes, or extensions, you won’t make a bad choice. Needless to say, you can also start treating your natural lashes with some serum to give them a pick-me-up for the coming season.

The makeup scene never fails to surprise us each year with more and more exciting trends. This year, the aforementioned 10 are bound to be everywhere, so start practising now!

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Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a writer and designer, but her ultimate passion is fashion and beauty. She is also a bibliophile and her favourite book is “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner. Follow her on Twitter.

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