Money Saving Tips for College Students

College students are no strangers to money problems. They’re constantly struggling to balance paying tuition and trying to eke out a bit of extra funds for a fun night out. From eating ramen to saving on laundry by taking it home to mom and dad, being broke has become a stereotype of college life. But what if there are ways to save money and have fun? Try these tips for a less stressful semester of saving.

Top 10 money savings tips for college students

1. Buy second hand goods

Buying new may fill your dorm with trendy goods, but it’s not good for your wallet – or the environment. Try second hand shops – not only will you save money, but for items you know you’re only going to need for a limited time, it’s frankly the smarter option. Why pay full price for textbooks you only need for a semester or a cute dress you’ll likely only wear a few times? Be a little frugal and check out shops like Geebo, Letgo, Backpackage to help you get the best deal.

2. Wait for seasonal or monthly sales to hit the internet

Sales are your best friend. Instead of shopping the new arrivals section, head straight to the sale section. Or better yet, wait for the holiday or end of month sales to really save big. You may end up with a jaw dropping discount there. So, put your need on hold for a few more days. What do you think?

For example, you may need new sunglasses for the looming departmental  outdoor trip, hence you may use Belk coupons to snap up to 70% cash back. Similarly, if you need a pair of new shirts, use Kohl’s coupon to save 70%. Are these not impressive? So, start learning to wait if you wish to enhance your saving habit in future.

3. Scout for student-centric offers

Lots of online e-commerce websites offer student discounts if you know what to look for. Thus, with a few minutes investing on web search you can easily find a coupon or promo code to suit your need. And don’t think the student discount is ust for books and school related stuff, rather you can explore a vast range of items, ranging from beauty products, electronics gadgets, clothes to tutorials. 

For example you can get 10% off along with free shipping from Dell student deals. In the same way, you can save 20% on Asics sportswear and 10% on Zenni optical coupons. The list is endless. You can get help from several coupon websites if you need help

4. Walk more or bike more

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to save a few extra pennies while you’re at college is to be dependent on walking or cycling, as much as possible. Not only is it good for your health but with those saved pennies  you can buy a few important study materials or can order a sumptuous dish at the canteen. 

5. Start cooking instead of ordering takeout 

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make a simple pasta or scramble some eggs, but you’d be amazed at how much money it can save you. Skip the takeout and dining out every night and start teaching yourself how to cook basic items to keep you well fed, and less poor. 

Some online wholesale stores such as Costco, give away lucrative offers also where you can save $20 on your tiny grocery purchase. Yet at times, if you really need a boost to your taste buds, look for food coupons from popular food delivery companies like UberEats, who gives you 50% off for the first three orders, or Doordash coupons to save a minimum 25% on your order? Wanna give these a try ? 

6. Buy second hand books or download free pdf

An easy way to save money and still keep up with your studies is to borrow books from the library. Secondly, use your smartphone or laptop for a better purpose, and download freely available PDFs of study materials, and lastly, go for used books which can be grabbed at more than half price from a new one. Apart from that you can also use available coupons on books at Amazon.

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7. Live in a group than single

Unless you’re living at home, on and off campus housing is expensive. So why not look for the cheapest alternatives you can find? Check out student hostels or room with a group of friends. 

8. Look for a part time job

Now, if you think it only means campus job either at the library or restaurant then you are wrong. There are loads of options. Check out your school’s options for work-study programs that can help you work off your tuition. 

There is another option as well, which truly gives you a fat check by the end of a day. And it’s,… enrolling as a part time driver or delivery person with places like Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats etc. where you can earn huge even working as a part timer. 

9. Be happy with free entertainment

In this decade of Netflix and Amazon Prime it may sound ludicrously hilarious embracing this old school approach to entertainment! Spend quality time among friends, read a book, start a new a hobby, go to movies and concerts in the park – the options are limitless and none of them require a subscription service. 

10. Live simple and dream big

Simplify your life so you can chase your dreams in the future. It’s alway better to put a full stop on lavish spending. Know yourself, and know your potential. Lead a simple life, focus on your studies and start being wise and self-dependent. You see, you don’t even require any guidance of how to save more. So, the formula is simple: stay simple, live happy, that’s all.

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