How to Layer Products in Your Skincare Routine Correctly

By Sophia Smith

Taking proper care of your skin is important, and it goes beyond finding the right products for your skin type. It’s also about the order in which you apply said products. With that in mind, here’s a little guide on how to layer products in your skin-care routine correctly.

Use an oil cleanser to remove the dirt and grime

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Every skincare routine should start with a clean slate. This means you’ll need to remove all the dirt, grime, and makeup, and give your face a thorough wash before applying any products.

And no, makeup wipes won’t cut it. In fact, they’ll do more harm than good because of the gunky residue they leave behind. You’re better off using an oil cleanser instead. It won’t strip your skin and it will ward off breakouts. Win-win!

Apply a creamy cleanser to further eliminate impurities

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Now, you might be thinking, “why is cleansing my face a two-step process?”. Well, there may be spots and impurities that you’ve missed while cleansing your face the first time. That’s when double cleanse comes into play.

An essential part of a Korean beauty routine, double cleansing ensures that your skin is completely oil and grime-free. Just make sure to use a creamy cleaner this time instead of an oil one. It’ll prep the skin and help it absorb all the other skincare products you apply more effectively.

Prime your face with a gentle toner suitable for your skin type

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Many of us think of skin-drying liquids when the word “toner” is mentioned. They may have been harsh and irritating back in the day, but they’ve come a long way since then. Nowadays, toners are much more gentle, and they’re designed to address particular skincare issues (acne, dry skin, etc.). They’re usually water-based, so they’ll absorb into your skin relatively fast and prime it for other steps in the routine. Just make sure to use a toner that’s suitable for your skin type. Although this step is optional, it can be of great help when it comes to balancing the pH levels of your skin.

Rely on an essence, serum, or concentrate to boost the skin healing process

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Now that your pores are clean, it’s time to amp up your skin’s health with a dose of active ingredients. Whether you reach for an essence, a serum, or a concentrate, any of these three products will basically act as a super healthy smoothie but for your skin, and they can really help you level up your skincare routine.

Depending on their ingredients, they can be used to target everything from the dryness of the skin to acne to wrinkles. That said, they are completely optional, but serve as great preparation steps.

Use an eye cream to minimize dark circles and/or undereye puffiness

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They say that prevention is better than cure, and this is definitely true when it comes to aging. To retain a youthful look and ward off fine lines and wrinkles (or, at least, keep them at a minimum), it’s important that you make eye cream an essential part of your skincare routine.

That said, if you’re younger, you can easily skip this step as it’s unnecessary. Eye creams can also be effective when it comes to combating undereye puffiness or dark circles, delivering moisture to the area where the skin is thinner, and therefore, more delicate.

Put on a moisturizer to seal all the products in

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Now that you’ve put on the lighter products, it’s time to seal everything in with a moisturizer. This is an essential step that should be repeated twice a day no matter what.

For starters, it helps hydrate the skin by delivering the much-needed moisture. It also boosts all the other products’ efficacy as it traps them in. To prevent the feeling of heaviness or greasiness, go for a light and gentle type of moisturizer (e.g. hyaluronic acid-based one). To boost your skincare routine’s efficacy even further, top everything off with a face oil. Oils cannot be penetrated, so if you intend on applying them, make sure to use them last i.e. after everything else but before sunscreen.

Slather on a high-SPF sunscreen as a protection from UV rays

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SPF is an absolute must in every skincare routine, whether we’re talking about a simple 5-step routine or the ultimate 18-step skincare regimens that K-pop stars follow religiously. The reason why you want to save your sunscreen for the end is because its role is to protect the face from the harmful UV rays.

It’s not trying to penetrate anything, and this is why it goes on top of everything else. As for the SPF itself, SPF 30 is the bare minimum – everything above will offer even better protection against UVB radiation.

Wrapping up

Not all skincare ingredients are created equal, and the order in which you apply your skincare products can make a world of difference. Stick with this guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of your skincare routine and ultimately ensure the results you are hoping for.

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