7 Must Have Pieces for the Perfect Summer Look

Summer is here, and with the warmer weather and sunshine comes the desire for a new, fresh look for the season. And it only takes a few cute dresses for girls to completely transform their looks when it comes to putting together summer outfits. When it comes to putting together summer outfits, it doesn’t take many pieces to completely transform your looks. 

Here are seven fashion items to have in your wardrobe that will help you get the perfect summer look, every time:

1. Colorful maxi dress

If you buy a colorful maxi dress from Wonder Lust London, then it will become a fashion statement, and with this one piece you can flaunt your style best way without having to pair a top and bottom. Wear it over a bathing suit, add a fun pair of earrings for a night out, and wear with flat sandals and your hair natural for a day look. This is a piece in your wardrobe that you will find yourself constantly reaching for.

2. Midi skirt

A midi skirt is a staple piece that you can dress up or down for the summer. Pair with a crop top or belt a flowy top for an elevated look. You can wear it with your favorite flats or heeled sandals from xylondon.com, depending on how dressed up you want to get! 

3. Pastel colored handbags 

A handbag any time of year is essential, and during the summer it is all about the light-colored and neutral handbags. On trend now are the pastel-colored handbags that can add a pop of color to your outfit or you can match for a monochrome look. If you are in the market for handmade bags, you can find pastel-colored handbags, classic bags and other trendy handbags from online shops such as Mirta. 

4. Bucket hat

A summer hat is essential for both style and sun protection. This year it is all about the bucket. It adds a playful yet trendy element to your look and you’ll find yourself reaching for it for days at the beach and to add a third piece to your favorite classic summer outfits. 

5. Platform sandals

Platform sandals elevate the classic summer sandal. Whether you wear them with your favorite shorts and top, a dress, or really any combination of your choosing, the lifted height is perfect for a night out or to give yourself a boost. 

6. Tinted sunglasses

Sunglasses are an accessory that can completely transform your summer looks. They don’t take up much space in your closet, and if you care for them well, they will last you for years. This summer, try tinted sunglasses. They give your outfit something unexpected and can look incredibly fashionable with an otherwise neutral look where it draws your eye to the statement sunglasses! In case you are wearing glasses, make sure to get fashionable fitovers that will keep your stylish look.

7. Oversized scrunchies

Scrunchies are in right now, and oversized scrunchies are the perfect way to pull your hair back during the summer season. You can opt for a pop of color to coordinate with your outfits or a neutral scrunchie that will add that fun element.

What are your favorite pieces for the summer that you’ll be rocking this season? 

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