The Best Way to Make Your Pet Happier

make pet happier

The happiness of your pet is as important as your friends and family. Your pet is a part of the family, after all, so they should be cared for in a similar way. The key difference is that pets often require more attention than adult friends and family members. They need to be taken on walks and fed. Feeding, walking and showing them love are a few ways to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy. But any pet owner would want to know what are the best ways to make your pets happier.

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Resolve a health issue immediately 

If your dog has or incurs a health issue, then it should be treated immediately. If you leave it untreated, it could cause physical and mental pain. 

For instance, your dog might be involved in an accident in the park that leaves them with a limp. Instead of leaving it a few days to see if they get better, you should see to it and seek medical assistance straight away. It will also help to have a pet first aid kit at home so that you can care for your dog while you wait. For instance, you could use a Hero Brace, which will help prevent further damage to your dog’s affected area and keep them happy and protected. 

Resolving health issues will ensure that they are safe, healthy, and happy as much as possible. 


Cuddles is a simple yet effective way of showing your pet you love them and make them happier. All pets love to be cuddled and shown affection. 

You should offer your pet a cuddle when they have done something good. (Giving them a cuddle after doing something naughty will encourage them to do it again.) A cuddle is a way to show them that you appreciate and love them, which all living creatures need. 

Get Some Stylish and Comfortable Clothes for Your Pet

Buying clothes for your dog can be a great way to make them happy. Not only do they look cute, but they can also provide your pup with extra warmth and protection from the elements. Clothes can be found in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, so you can find something that fits your pup perfectly from sites like Plus, your pup will appreciate being able to show off its new look! With the right clothes, your dog will be looking and feel their best in no time.

Have a food hunt

Most pets are natural hunters. Whether it be a dog or a cat, they like to hunt prey. To ensure that is safe and to reduce their need to hunt when they go outside, you could do indoor or garden food hunts. Food hunts are a great way to curb bad behavior habits, such as whining for food or hunting small animals in the garden and bringing them inside. 

Instead of giving them their food, you could make them work for it. This will raise their natural detective instinct and make them have fun while looking for their dinner. 

A food hunt will be rewarding for your pet when they find the food. When an animal feels rewarded, they will feel happier and content. 

Rotate toys

Pet loves their toys and they love discovering new ones. Instead of paying for new toys all of the time, you could put them on rotation. This will help your pet get excited each time you re-introduce an old toy. 

For instance, you could hide half of the toys and allow them to play with them for a few weeks before hiding them and putting out the other toys. Or, you could change a toy each week. New toys will boost their excitement and increase their happiness. Toys allow pets to expend their energy, have something to keep them entertained and act as a reward for when they have done something good. 

Mix up their walks

For those with a dog and taking them on daily walks in a dog stroller while making them feel comfortable can help to mix up the walking pattern. Dogs love to be outside and they love it when they go on a new adventure. It gives them something new and exciting to explore.

You could reverse your route or find somewhere new. If your dog is car-trained, you could drive further out to woodlands, which allows them more space to play.

Give them a routine

Pets love routine. It allows them to know when to sleep, eat, and play. Without a routine, a pet can become easily confused and not abide by your rules, which could leave you frustrated with them. A pet can sense frustration and they will feel like they have disobeyed you but not understand why which will hinder their happiness. 

Instilling a routine into your pet’s life will ensure they have an established structure to their day. They will get enough rest, know when to expect food, and know when they will go out for exercise. Routines make pets happy so make sure to introduce one from an early age. 

Offer them treats

When a pet is well behaved, it is good to give them a treat. Giving them a treat will show them that they have done something good, which will encourage them to do it again to be rewarded another treat. 

Showing them praise through a snack or a toy is a great way to show them that they are a good pet and they will feel safe and happy around you. 

Avoid shouting

Most pets dislike loud noises, especially shouting. When you are frustrated with your pet due to bad behavior, you might feel like you want to shout at them. However, this won’t benefit you or them. 

Instead, ignoring them or not giving them a treat when they usually expect it will help them detect that something is wrong. Shouting at them will make them scared of you and may cause them to lose trust in you. To avoid this and to maintain their happiness, show them you are frustrated or upset with them in a calm way. 

Allow your pet to get enough sleep 

Pets need rest just as much as humans do. Thus, ensuring that they get enough rest will boost their happiness and their energy. 

Instilling a set bedtime will ensure that they know when to settle down and get enough sleep. Sometimes a bedtime routine can take a pet a while to gets to grips with. However, after planning and patience, they will get used to it. 

Take them on a trip

Pets love seeing and exploring new things. Thus, taking them somewhere you have never been before will get them excited and boost their happiness. 

It can be common for pet owners to leave them behind when they go on a trip. It is understandable if you want some downtime. However, you make take responsibility for your pet and acknowledge their needs. Once a year, or however often you can, it may help to take them on a trip with you. It could be to a local pet-friendly destination where they can explore and meet other animals. 

Play indoor games

When the weather is bad and you and your pet cannot get outside much, you will want to think of ways to keep them entertained and happy. The easiest way to achieve this is by playing indoor games. If you do not often play indoor games with your pet, then it will feel like something new to them. It will allow them to get excited, especially if it is a rare occurrence. 

You could play chase, hide and seek, or plan treasure hunts. Not only will it increase your pet’s happiness, but also their cognitive and decision-making skills.

Give them enough food

All pets require different amounts of food depending on their breed and size. You should seek advice from a veterinarian to ensure that you are giving your food enough of the right food. You will want to ensure that it is packed full of vitamins so that they can maintain good bodily functioning, energy, and brain health.

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