How to Update Your Living Room on a Budget

budget living room

Freelance writer and meditation teacher, Michael Taft, describes the need for more restful time as, “In a normal working day in modern America, there’s a sense of so much coming at you at once, so much to process that you just can’t deal with it all.” While this article was published in 2013, it’s more true today than ever. It’s important that your mind gets the rest and relaxation it needs, especially with remote work and school for the kids. It’s not just the USA who needs rest. A LexisNexis survey said that workers in the USA, China, South Africa, the U.K. and Australia were overwhelmed with work information daily, and are reaching a breaking point. 

Your living room is a room where you rest, work and entertain friends and family, meaning it’s critical that your living room reflects you, and also offers a restful and peaceful space where you can work and live without stress and clutter. Consider these easy and inexpensive ways to update your living room on a budget.  

Paint Interior Window Trim

Nothing feels less peaceful than chipped, peeling or scuffed paint. The trim in your home draws the eye, making it an important place to start with your living room update. Painting is the fastest way to add new life to your space, but painting your window or interior trip takes far less time and money than a full paint-job.

New Throw Pillows

New throw pillows are not only far less expensive than purchasing new furniture, they are an easy way to modernize your space without the long-term commitment that comes with a couch. With solid colored furniture, consider brightly colored trendy accent pillows, or add some sophistication to a brightly colored room with soft patterns, hues or fabrics.

Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have always added a level of sophistication and sleekness to a room. If you can’t find just the shelving unit you want in stores, consider DIYing a few shelves using scrap wood and a simple stain or paint. Because floating shelves don’t take up floor space, they are perfect for oddly shaped or inaccessible wall space, and add a bit of unexpected thrill to your living space.

Style Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is often in the heart of your living room and used daily, meaning it’s important to add some style without cluttering up the table space you desperately need for morning coffee. Consider adding some foraged greenery or a few interesting books. Adding a tray for drinks or food is a great way to make your living room both functional and organized.

Personalize With Photo Art or Update Artwork

Personal artwork or a photo collage will fill your empty wall space with the smiling faces of those you love or memories from your travels. For those with a larger budget, you can buy wall decor paintings, framing artwork is a great way to preserve it for everyone to enjoy, or for the more crafty, repurpose old frames from your local thrift store and paint them to match your new decor. Afraid you won’t like the color? Paint them again when you are ready for your next update!

Simple Lighting Changes

Turning on a light in a room changes everything about its look, so it’s not hard to imagine that simple lighting changes, like going from overhead lighting to lamp-light, changes the look and feel of a room immediately. Try a new lamp shade that will throw off a softer, cooler light, proven to be more restful in studies.

Organize Bookshelves

A cluttered room is the sign of a cluttered mind. It’s important that we declutter our living spaces to make room to think and relax. Start by organizing any shelves in the room. Color-coding your books is another great way to make them look and feel more organized. Head

Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

Take some time to consider what a peaceful atmosphere looks like in your home. Choose colors carefully and avoid clutter. A great set of wireless speakers not only provides high-quality sound for your space, it also doesn’t rely on a tangle of wires to operate, making them an easy choice for someone looking for peace and simplicity in their home. Remember, waterproof, outdoor speakers are a great way to bring the inside, outside to a porch or patio, where you can listen to your favourite podcast or music in your new updated, outdoor living-space.

When you shut down your computer at night and turn down the lights, settle into your new, peaceful living room. Organizing and updating your living space will leave you with a sense of accomplishment, a great looking space, and greater peace and relaxation all day!

Article by Uma Campbell

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