The Hottest Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2021

To say that 2020 was a turbulent year would be an understatement. But with the new year come new ideas, and 2021 is nothing short of inspirational wedding trends that couples can adopt or adapt for their own wedding celebrations. Below, six of the hottest wedding trends to inspire your big day.

Micro weddings

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We saw wedding guest lists get shorter and weddings get smaller in 2020, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021. What 2020 really made us realize is that scaling back is not a bad thing, and also a necessity sometimes, especially when it comes to the people we surround ourselves with, both in everyday life and on our special day.

The aim is to encourage couples to put quality over quantity, which is exactly what micro weddings are about. Having fewer guests at their weddings also allows couples to have at-home weddings or weekday weddings, both of which translate to significant cost benefits.

Mini-moons and nano-moons

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With travel restrictions and social distancing, any plans the couples might have had for their honeymoons in 2020 were put on pause. Still, some of them found a way to escape the everyday and get their married life off to a great start by going on mini-moons and nano-moons.

While mini-honeymoons have been around for some time now, nano-moons are the direct response to the overall global situation. It’s a way for newly-weds to have their sweet escape and bask in their post-nuptial bliss, be it a trip to the nearby national park, a beach, or the mountains. A honeymoon is a wedding investment that’s worth the cost, but in 2021, it’ll be all about exploring local regions until we’re able to fly or travel safely again.

Sequel weddings

Another major trend we’ll be seeing all around the globe are sequel weddings. Couples who had big plans for their wedding day but were forced to downsize are now choosing to throw two-part weddings – one smaller, more intimate gathering at a smaller venue, and then a big celebration at a luxurious wedding venue complete with opulent decor –once the situation calms down, of course.

After months of social distancing, couples in countries such as Australia are already booking luxe Sydney wedding venues for their second wedding celebration – some indoors, some at the beach, and some even on the open seas. So do some research to find out more about the cost of a destination wedding. Soon-to-be-married couples from the U.S. are following suit, which is evident in the number of venues that have been booked for the upcoming year. The pandemic may have interfered with many couples’ plans, but that won’t stop them from going big and bold once they have the freedom to do so.

Thinking locally and sustainably

2020 has taught us the importance of giving back to the community and supporting local businesses, especially smaller ones that have been hit by the pandemic the hardest. It’s also encouraged us in our efforts to live more sustainably and consume more responsibly and reduce our environmental impact.

As a result, more couples are thinking locally, opting for local bridal boutiques, florists, bakers, farmers, and vineyards in an effort to support the local economy and make their weddings more eco-friendly at the same time.

DIY wedding decor 

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Other than prompting them to shop sustainably and locally, the 2020 pandemic has also encouraged many individuals to learn a skill or two. While in lockdown, many of us tried their hand at sewing, painting, trying out new recipes, and whatnot. While these definitely served as a form of escapism, they have evolved into a trend that we’re now seeing all over wedding blogs.

As a result, crafting DIY wedding decor has become a part of many couples’ wedding planning process, with couples creating everything from signage and wedding favors to table numbers and bridesmaid gifts by themselves. Some “corona brides” are also trying their hand at DIY beauty looks and coming up with bridal makeup and hairstyles on their own which gives their overall look a unique flair.

Bright, colorful palettes

After a grim year that 2020 was, the colorful palette trend comes as no surprise. Injecting color is a way to bring joy, brightness and positivity, so it makes sense that more couples are adding statement hues, prints, and bold and warm tones to their palettes.

And it’s not just the tabletops and flowers that are going to be bold and bright this year. Grooms are also getting creative with their choice of suit patterns and colors and adding personal touches to their wedding attire. Similarly, modern brides are following suit (excuse the pun) and updating their bridal styles with bold add-ons in the form of lengthy veils, short and colorful dresses, and not-so-high-but-still-incredibly-stylish heels. Therefore, throw out the rule book, embrace what’s bright, and most importantly – make it feel like you.

Wrapping up

There’s no doubt that post-pandemic weddings will look a bit different from traditional celebrations. Stay on top of wedding industry trends, throw in some one-of-the-kind wedding details, and you can ensure that your big day is nothing short of fabulous.

By Sophia Smith

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