7 Best High-Quality Lash Extension Brands

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Eyelash extensions help busy women skip extensive eye makeup and still get that thick, mascara-applied, open-eye look. Women love the classic look finish created by natural, high-quality lash extensions. Eyelash extensions eliminate the need to get ready for the party by applying layers of the eye-liners, mascara, and other eye items. Want to learn more about the seven best quality extensions and the brands creating them? Read on! 

Lilac St. 

It is the best DIY lash brand in the market which helps women save hundreds of dollars spent for parlor-done extensions. Order Lilac St. here if you are looking for classic style eyelashes at an affordable price that does not break your natural eyelashes due to excess weight. 

Their lashes are ultralight and move with flexibility, and they do not have a visible strip that stands out on application. The best part is, you can sleep and shower with them as they are waterproof and will easily remain for up to five days. You can remove and reapply them on the weekends leisurely. 

Eylure luxe lash extension 

Eylure Luxe creates DIY faux lashes that blend in effortlessly with natural lashes and stay up to 7 days. The lashes get made using high-class faux fiber, which can be layered multiple times to create a dramatic look. 

Eylure gives a satiny-smooth, silky salon finish to the lashes, which only the high-end parlor-done fake extensions can create. It is advisable to use a gentle oil-based makeup remover to get the lashes out after a week. 

Sweed lashes classic collection 

Sweed lashes come in various sizes, black and brown shades, and create different types of curls. Sweed also produces under lashes to make the eyes look much more professional. An extra layer of mascara can be applied on top if necessary, as any makeup will wash out from the lashes easily in no time. Sweed is easy to use at home and is highly affordable.

Vavalash ellipse eyelash extensions

If you are looking for mega-volume extensions and different colored lashes, Vavalash is the brand to select. Their lashes start from 8mm and last up to 25mm. Popularly known as “fan lashes,” these unique DIY lashes are the first choice of people who want to mix and match different styles and thicknesses.

They are best suitable to create an extra-thick classic look, as well as a dramatic party effect dolled-up look. Their lashes are easily washable and are best for temporary usage during a special occasion like a wedding. Vavalash extensions are used in over 100 countries all over the world.

Lankiz eyelash extensions

Lankiz is a luxe eyelash extension brand with its glue, makeup remover, and several other lash application accessories like cleansers and magnetic solutions. Lankiz is eye-friendly, and each of its products gets tested to provide optimum ease of use and maximum customer satisfaction.

Their Salon Pro lashes are extremely costly but are known to create the most natural and classic look at par with silk and mink eye extensions. They can be applied easily in the house by taking a few precautions like cleaning the eyes well before applying the lashes.

Eneda volume eyelash extension

Eneda produces automatically blooming lash fans that are heat resistant and beginner-friendly. Most of the women trying DIY extensions for the first time start with this kit owing to its low cost and extra curly lashes. Eneda is used to create cat-finish, and staggered eyelashes look as if the curls are heavy and thick.

Eneda creates lash extensions in different sizes and colors, and they are extremely strong, making them easy for even teens to use. Eneda is the favorite lash brand of many teenagers who want to experiment with their eyelashes and are unsure what their eye type is due to their changing facial features.

Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up Lashes

If you are a fan of extra-long lashes, Trish McEvoy is the brand to go. Their full-length lashes are pretty famous for creating a natural finish. They enhance the eyes beautifully by adding both high volume and length in no time. 

They also sell different types of staggered and high-volume lashes you can choose based on the occasion or style you want. They have an entire range of makeup collections to beautify your eyes, face and take care of your skin. Though the lashes are synthetic and very long, they are lightweight to prevent the falling of natural lashes. By the way, you can also try False Eyelashes if you want to have nice ones.

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