4 Tips to Prepare Your Kids to Go Back to School

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Summer is coming to an end. For kids, this means playtime is over. And for parents, it’s time to start getting ready for the new school year. Even though you’ve been doing this year after year, this one is different because of the effects of the pandemic. Students have been home for a very long time, so sending them back to school requires patience and planning. 

So how do you get your kids ready without overwhelming them? Here are four tips that will help.

1. Get Them Ready Both Physically and Mentally Prepared

After a long period of staying at home, it’s time to let your kids know playtime is over. Instead of waiting a few days before school starts, let them know about it a few weeks ahead of time. This will prepare their minds and help create a smooth transition from summer vacation to the first day of school. Give them a visual reminder by marking the date on a calendar and hang it in a place where everyone will see it.

Another way to get them ready is to adjust your family’s schedule. For instance, instead of the current wake-up time, set your alarm to the time you’d wake your kids during the school year. 

2. Build Relationship With Your Kid’s Teacher

Most kids spend an average of seven hours per day in school. This means that your child will spend more time with their teacher than with you, which is why it’s important to build a relationship with them. By doing so, you can work together to make sure your child succeeds in the classroom.

3. Communicate With Your Kids

It’s important to communicate with your children about what’s going on when they’re not with you. After school, find time to talk to them about how their day was. If your children changed schools, ask them how they feel about the new school. If you have a child who is going to school for the first time, review their pre k curriculum with them to ensure that they’re on pace with the rest of the class. Creating open communication will not only help build a bond with your kids, but it will help them speak out whenever they are having problems.

4. Get Back-to-School Supplies Early

Apart from being overwhelming, going back to school is also a season of spending. Your kids will need supplies for inside the classroom, as well as outside, like the right back-to-school shoes for gym class. The back-to-school season is going to be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan or a budget. When you start to shop for those items, do it early so you make sure you get everything they need (and you don’t run the risk of stores selling out of things). It will also give you time to shop around for the best prices.

Start the Year Off With Less Stress

Sending your kids back to school after a long break is overwhelming for both parents and children; however, with these tips, you can make the transition to school life less stressful. By starting now, you can make sure they’re both physically and mentally prepared to get back in the classroom.

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