6 Tips for Easy Outdoor Entertaining

outdoor entertaining

The recreational space in a home is no longer confined to the interiors, as the rise in demand of an active outdoor entertainment area is becoming increasingly popular in how we spend our day to day lives. So whether you are inviting guests for a courtyard barbecue or just chilling with the family under a covered deck, here are six inspiring backyard entertainment ideas that provide the perfect fresh-air escape outside your home.

Insist on privacy

If you are aspiring to have the ultimate outdoor entertainment area, keeping things private will go a long way in realising your dreams. You can really make the space go wild by installing a fence on which you can plant flowers, vegetables or anything else to make it beautiful to look at. Not only will the fence provide the privacy you crave for when spending time there but will soon become the talking point in your neighborhood.

Build a charming kitchen

If you love cooking, then the idea of having a classy and modern kitchen outside your home will appeal to you. If you don’t like the rustic look, you can opt for a mixed material style cookhouse in multiple textures, beautiful wood and new brick design. Add an outdoor teak dining table with chairs next to the bar to create a nice space to relax and have a bite. For cooking you can use an outdoor stove or a grill or any other thing your heart desires.

Install a poolside bar

If you are the lucky few to have a backyard pool, you can go all out with your outdoor entertainment design by installing a casual bar, complete with stools for your guests. With the pool by the side the comfy looking bar will instill a sense of a tropical paradise like vibe which everyone will enjoy. A few couches with cosy cushions, music playing in the background or a TV will give the whole place a resort-like appearance.

Add sport spots

Spending some time outdoors after a hard day of work is a great stress buster. For some fun ideas, put up a basketball hoop even if you don’t have any children. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a basketball hoop, though it is easy to install, you can put up a soccer net or a badminton court if you have the space.

Create a firepit

A fire pit is a cool addition to any outdoor space but to have something unique and low key go for a campfire built around a ring of stones. This type of fire pit works very well as the flames remain confined and out of harm’s way when children are around. For late night parties, add some chairs placed strategically for relaxing around the fire and roasting the marshmallows.

Light it right

To add intimacy and charm to your backyard space hang some lanterns to transform it into a magical place at night. The smaller the backyard the better this works because you can easily hang several strands of light across the space. Once you have achieved the perfect balance, you will notice how important lighting is while entertaining guests outside.

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