8 Ways to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Happy and Healthy

long distance relationship

Most people do not believe long-distance relationships have a chance of working out. Family and friends discourage it. You and your significant other may have a lot of doubts too. Below you will find eight tips on how you can make it work. 


Decide how often the two of you will communicate. An issue with communication the two of you may have different ideas on is how often to talk. Some couples decide to talk frequently, others choose to speak less regularly, and others choose to share only when they have something to say. With scheduled days and times to talk, it can lead to boredom or annoyance, and you end up sitting silent on the phone. Only the two of you know what works best for you; base it on your mutual needs. 


Without trust, your relationship will not survive. Even relationships that do not have the added stress of being long-distance will not survive without trust. When your mind starts to travel, you begin to doubt your partner. Remind yourself why you chose to stay together. You can do this by keeping a list of why you are together, things you have done together, and look at photos to remind yourself of your love for one another. 

Keep yourself busy

Do things you enjoy so you are not sitting at home and getting depressed. Just because you are apart does not mean you cannot have fun. Make friends, go out with them, do things you enjoy, get a hobby, and avoid watching a lot of television. 

Have fun together

While you may not be able to do the same things you did before, you can still find ways to enjoy each other’s company. If the two of you like comedy shows, you can watch one together over Facetime, maybe games are your thing. There are many different types of online games you can play, or if you like to work as a team, there are online games where you can play.

Schedule times to spend together

Scheduling time together is essential in making a long-distance relationship work. It does not have to be weeks spent together; it can be a weekend or, depending on how far apart you are, even a day trip. You both need something to look forward to in order to keep your relationship strong. 

Plan for the future

Discuss what your plans are for the future. When will the long-distance part of the relationship end? What is the next step for your relationship? If your next step is getting engaged, the two of you can look at custom-made engagement rings together. This step can help the two of you acknowledge your commitment to the relationship and keep you looking forward to the future. 

Keep the spark alive

During a long-distance relationship, you cannot have romantic dinners together, hold hands, or have face-to-face contact, so it makes it challenging to keep the romance alive. Romance is essential to keep the relationship on solid ground, so do not stop being a couple and do not slip into the friend zone. 

There are a few different ways to keep the romance alive in relationships; you can hide gifts around the house for them to find (whenever you two do get together in person). Send a gift for no reason other than to let your partner know you are thinking about them. Create a Pinterest account where the two of you can create wedding ideas together. 

 Learn more about one another  

This is the perfect time to get to know one another on a deeper level. When you are not physically around each other regularly, you learn how to better communicate with one another. This leaves you time to find out how one another thinks, how you two react to stressful situations, allowing you both to have deeper conversations about who each of you are individually.

While long-distance relationships are challenging, they do have positive aspects. You and your partner will be able to start a relationship based on trust, allowing for excellent communication skills and self-reliance, all of which helps to sustain a happy and healthy marriage.    

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