Tips for Eco-friendly & Sustainable Living in Your House

eco-friendly sustainable living

Living sustainably is something we should all be focused on this year. Cyber-attacks are restricting our access to gas and chicken wings!  It’s time to start making sure our lives are simpler and more eco-friendly, with less reliance on products and services that may be convenient today, but gone tomorrow. Let’s explore a few easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly and sustainable, that are easy on your finances.

Invest in eco-friendly technology

Eco-friendly technology like energy star appliances are a great way to make your home eco-friendly, and lower your energy bills! Or if now isn’t a great time for new appliances, consider buying eco-friendly, LED light bulbs. They last longer and add a soft glow to your indoor space that is proven to be restful and easy on the eyes.

Going eco-friendly means cutting away the plastic bottles, plates, and cups we use daily during lunch or a coffee take-away. This habit might seem unavoidable, but there are plenty of options that are much like single-use tableware but can be used over and over again. For instance, you can use dinnerware made from Nanmu wood, or eco-friendly reusable sets made from bamboo fiber, which will level up your zero-waste lifestyle.

Eat less meat

Cut meat out of your diet, and focus on heart-healthy veggies at least twice a week. Too much meat is proven to cause certain health issues, and requires a fuel-guzzling supply chain and refrigerated trucks for it to arrive at your local store. Did you know that grazing animals release methane into the air, and requires fertilization of the grazing land, releasing Nitrous Oxide as a byproduct. Eating less meat means a healthier diet, less money and the beginning of a truly sustainable lifestyle.

Repair your house

Being more eco-friendly means keeping your home in good repair to prevent leaks and ensure its energy efficiency. A difference of just a few degrees in your home will save you 6.5% on your gas bill. Check out your insulation to make sure it’s sealing off your home properly for less heat or cool air loss.

Pick water-based paints

Not only do people find water-based paints in some of the best colors, they are not oil-based, and therefore better for the environment. Most non-natural paints are oil-based, meaning issues with throwing it away, and simply isn’t as eco-friendly as it could be.

Try to cut out plastic

Consuming too much plastic is an easy thing to do when it’s used so often, but consider cutting it out altogether, or as much as possible, by using cloth or recycled bags for all your shopping. Consider buying your produce at a local farmers market, where there is no plastic wrapping or supply-chain.

Have your food delivered

Instead of hundreds of cars heading to the grocery store for shopping, use an Asian food grocery delivery service and reduce the number of cars on the road every day. Delivery is really easy with an eco-friendly shipping company like USPS, and the USPS Shipping Calculator makes it easy to see what delivery fees you might need to pay. Use it to compare the cost of delivery with  the cost of gas it would take to drive to the store and back. One delivery driver will make the rounds, a convenience for you and a great way to make your home life more eco-friendly.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

No longer are harsh chemicals the only way to really clean your space. Read the labels on your cleaning products, and replace the ones using harsh, non-environmentally friendly chemicals with more natural cleaning products. Reducing the demand for this type of product by not buying these products will mean a substantially more sustainable lifestyle.

Stop using disposable bags

Not only are disposable bags terrible for the environment, we simply have too many of them around the house!  If you do collect them, re-sue them!  Consider using a cloth or re-usable bag for your shopping. This is a great way to reduce clutter in your home and also promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Pay your bills online

Paying your bills online means less paper in your mailbox and your trash can. Less paper products are fantastic for the environment, and it also often means the option of setting up automatic-bill pay, meaning you can take your mind off due dates and overdue bills.

With such simple steps toward building a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, there is no excuse for not making the change!  Living sustainably is often less costly, and makes you feel great about your choices. Reduce your carbon footprint and lower your bills today!

Article by Uma Campbell

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