How to Convince Your Besties to Go to a Wellness Retreat

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Sometimes a solo escapade just won’t do the trick. You want to spend quality time with your closest friends, bond with them, explore the new places you visit, and of course, you want to reconnect with yourself in the meantime, too. However, not everyone is on the same page all the time, so maybe one of your besties isn’t feeling up to the task. They might be overly stressed from work, and the pandemic hasn’t made our lives easier, that’s for sure.

With a little bit of negotiation and some research, you can definitely turn the tables in your favor, or to put it more accurately, in everyone’s favor, since all your gal-pals will benefit from the trip. To help you get them on board, here are a few tips you can use when you’re presenting the wellness retreat idea for them, and best of luck! Chances are, they’ll be the ones rushing to start packing once you’re done. 

Make the packing simple and painless

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So many women dread any trip for one reason only – the packing process. You’re not quite sure what to wear, the weather in this new location might be more fickle than you anticipate, and not to mention that you’re not always certain exactly what kind of garments you’ll need for the activities you’ll add to the itinerary. Well, with the right packing plan for you and your besties, you can take this stressful annoyance off the list.

Help your friends simplify the packing process completely and focus only on comfort and function. Choosing garments that allow you full mobility and breathability are the best way to go. Add to that, remind them that wellness retreats are typically designed to be as simple as possible, which means that no fancy clothes are required, even though a breezy dress is always a good option.  

Choose an exotic destination

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The clincher? Picking the right destination to accommodate all your friends’ preferences and to excite them about the trip beyond measure. Going on a soothing, revitalizing Bali retreat, for example, is the ideal combination of an exotic destination with all the perks of wellness travel. You can customize the itinerary (but more on that a bit later), and enrich your stay with walks in nature, watching the sunset, and meditating yourself to sleep.

Bali is a great choice for delightful beaches, and you’ll always be able to find amazing spa treatments to make the most of your day. When you’re talking to your friends, note that the retreat is exclusive to women, which means it’s an ideal setting for relaxation as well as connecting with one another. You’ll also get to meet so many like-minded ladies along the way!

Create a purposeful, relaxing itinerary

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Some of your friends might be ecstatic about the idea of chilling in the shade, overlooking the crashing ocean waves, with a cocktail in one hand, and a brilliant book in the other. Maybe the rest of your gal crew doesn’t feel the same, and they need something more meaningful in their travels to get them interested. 

Give them a chance to voice their preferences and to tell you exactly how they’d like to enrich their stay, if you’re going to an exotic place like Bali. Maybe they’d like to try some snorkeling and diving, too, even though the primary purpose of your stay will be to spend time in wellness treatments. Creating the right itinerary packed with diverse options will certainly get them on board.

Remind them how safe wellness retreats are

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Many women are reluctant to travel primarily if they have safety concerns. The pandemic has further impeded people’s desire to explore, since the risks of traveling internationally are still present. However, one of the safest ways to actually go anywhere is to book a wellness retreat, a point that will help you drive the idea home. 

When you’re on a wellness retreat, you get to revitalize your mind and your body, at the same time boosting your immune system. Staying in a luxurious, perfectly clean resort surrounded by mindful women further contributes to that sense of safety. It’s one of the most secure ways to see new places while working on yourself

Wellness retreats are unique in so much as they help you relax, recover from stress, and prepare to be more resilient when you face new challenges on your return. There is no better way to spend quality time with your closest friends and allies in life than to immerse yourself in Mother Nature, discover what it means to completely unwind, and remind yourself to appreciate one another even more. Once the time is right, let these ideas inspire you and your friends to take the trip without hesitation and strengthen your bond more than ever. 

Article by Sophia Smith

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