Easy to Follow Steps to Design Your Small Bathroom on a Budget

Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

You would think you can escape expenses when fitting your bathroom with fixtures or fittings because it is small, but you would be wrong. Some bathroom fixtures, regardless of their size, can set you back many thousand pounds. The following tips are ways to navigate these expenses and still ensure that your moderately sized bathroom looks good. These small bathroom ideas are super affordable and, in some cases, don’t cost anything at all. 

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Use your floor space

When dealing with small bathrooms, one thing you have in limited supply is the floor space, and as such, you must use all the space available judiciously. This might be a challenge as you do not want to miss out on any bathroom essentials. One way to maximize your floor space is by installing modern shower enclosures for small bathrooms, they are aesthetically pleasing  and, at the same time, functional.

Simple is always better

Of the many ideas and different ways to keep your bathroom looking chic on a budget, this is by far my favorite because it needs you to do close to nothing. Simpler is indeed always better, and it means that you should come to terms with the fact that you do have a small bathroom and can not have all you would expect in a bigger bathroom. So hey, please keep it simple.


If you want something done perfectly, sometimes you have to do it yourself, and going DIY when your bathroom is concerned is sure to save you some money. Instead of having a handyman come around to help you paint, you can decide to paint the bathroom yourself. You can recycle or repurpose other materials for use in your bathroom. By the time you do about five things you originally planned to pay for, you would find that you have saved money for bathroom essentials. 

Declutter your space

One easy way to make your bathroom look good and keep it looking so without hurting your pocket is to declutter your space. You should ensure that only essentials are placed in the bathroom. Check out these excellent storage ideas that can help you easily declutter your space. 

Experiment with wallpaper

Everyone wants tile or marble finish, but if wishes were horses. As a result, we have to settle for the next best thing, wallpapers, and for their very affordable price, they add a lot of aesthetic value if used correctly. When choosing a wallpaper theme or style for your bathroom, you should ensure that your choice fits the color scheme of the other bathroom fixtures. 

Up your lighting game

It starts with leaving your bathroom window open for daylight to seep in and also installing enough lights to brighten up the space when the sun sets. While very simple, the results are mind-blowing. 


How can I make my small bathroom look better on a budget?

Making your small bathroom look good on a budget boils down to a series of things. Proper integration of any of the following is a step towards making your bathroom look good without hurting your pocket.

  • Don’t throw things out. It would be best if you endeavored to recycle and repurpose old items. 
  • You can paint the bathroom with one pot of paint
  • Go easy on the decorations. If it does not have to be there, it should not be there. 
  • While having too many lights can be blinding, not having enough is an absolute no-no.

What is the average cost of a small bathroom?

While the average cost to remodel a small bathroom is £4,700, the actual price depends mainly on the fixtures you want installed in your bathroom. 

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