Fall Makeup Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

fall makeup trends

Whether you consider fall to be the superior season or prefer the appeal of summer and all the awesome things that come with this season, the truth is, they both have numerous perks we should look forward to. From Halloween and the fast-approaching holiday season to leather jackets and the annual return of the pumpkin spice latte, there’s no shortage of amazing things to get excited about when it comes to the fall season.

And while the lawns and leaves are losing their color, there’s no reason for your makeup to follow suit. Below are six incredible makeup trends to get you hyped up for the upcoming season.

Natural, fluffy brows

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This fall, brows are going to be fuller and fluffier than ever. Feathered brows are all the rage these days, and the best part is that everyone can achieve and wear this trendy look.

One application technique that’s managed to stand out is the use of a soap bar instead of a brow gel to groom the eyebrows. The so-called soap brows are a trend that aims to achieve natural-looking arches that frame the face perfectly while giving it a strong, bold edge. To finish off this natural look, reach for a setting mist – it’ll keep everything in place and give your brows the extra hold they need.

Glowy and dewy skin

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Speaking of natural-looking makeup, full-coverage looks are expected to take a back seat this fall while breathable and dewy looks are going to take the center stage. Makeup product formulas that are lightweight and free from oils will become our go-tos as we continue to move away from full coverage, matte makeup looks.

To achieve a glowy and dewy skin that looks natural, rely on your trusty foundation cream to set the stage. It’ll help even out your skin tone and provide an instant smoothening effect while ensuring all the imperfections are concealed. The result? Your makeup looks fresh, flawless, and radiant throughout the day while the skin is hydrated and nourished.

Voluminous, fluttery lashes

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Shifting the focus on the eyes, voluminous and ultra-long lashes are another major makeup trend we’ll be seeing everywhere this fall. This is especially due to face masks becoming our everyday staples, leaving little room for us to truly express ourselves through makeup.

Fluttery, extra-volumized lashes on both upper and lower lids are also the perfect way to top off your eyeshadow look. You can take the traditional route and apply a couple of coats of your favorite mascara, but if you’re aiming for a more loaded look, make sure to pop on a pair of faux lashes for the much-needed oomph.

The kitten eye

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A classic winged eyeliner is a go-to look for many, and is sure to continue to be so not just this fall but for basically all future seasons. This beauty staple works by elongating the eyes and making them appear wider and bigger than they are.

Now, the kitten eye is the classic cat eye’s more subdued, understated cousin, and celebs like Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney are a definite proof that a skinnier, shorter flick can be equally effective as the classic, full-cat eye. In for something a bit bolder and daring? Try a reversed cat eye for a creative twist and just the right dose of unexpected.

The 360-degree black eyeliner

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While the winged eyeliner remains one of the most popular choices in the beauty world, you can also use your favorite eyeliner to create another popular trend this fall – the 360-degree black eyeliner. This intense throwback makeup look involves applying the eyeliner both on the lower and upper lash line to create a dramatic effect and shift the focus to the eyes.

You can go for a smudgy version to get a grungier look if that is what you are into. Want to step things up a bit? Give another subtle nod to the 90s and early 2000s by pairing your intense black eyeliner with the zig-zag parting a la Bella Hadid. Just make sure to keep the rest of your makeup look fairly natural and minimal to create balance.

Bold lip colors

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Lipstick is the ultimate beauty staple for finishing off any makeup look. To keep your lips trendy this fall, try reaching for bolder lip products. Take cue from designers such as Sandy Liang whose latest makeup look features vampy lips paired with bare eyes and skin.

Embrace the warmth of this cozy season by experimenting with rich, deep burgundy red or dusty brick red, and make sure to add other berry shades to your fall lipstick arsenal as well. To keep it grungy and 90s-inspired, reach for lip products with matte formula, and go for a glossier version to create a shiny finish and shift all the attention to your pout.

Wrapping up

This year’s fall makeup trends are all about relying on utilizing classic beauty staples and putting a creative twist on them. Rely on the tips above and you’ll be stepping up your fall makeup game in no time.

By Sophia Smith

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