10 Great Gifts to Consider for Your Besties Baby Shower

When it comes to gift-giving, some occasions are trickier than others. Birthdays and anniversaries are in many ways easier to shop for while getting presents for parents and other relatives requires a bit of thought. 

However, the act of buying gifts for a baby shower can prove the most mentally taxing, especially if you are trying to think outside the box. If you are lucky, your bestie has made a wish list and even provided the relevant information and internet link, leaving you only the slightly awkward decision about which price point to cover. 

If your best friend has left you to your own devices, then you’ll have to put some effort into finding the kind of gift that not only serves some purpose, let’s be honest new mothers need all the help they can get but are also a joy to receive (not just for your friend but also their child).

To help you in this regard, here are a few great gift ideas that should make the present buying process a little bit easier.

Stylish Initial Necklace

This kind of gift will always go down a charm. Buy your bestie a great initial necklace that celebrates the birth of her baby. Personalized jewelry is very popular right now and is a great gift to give, mainly as you can look to invest as heavily as you wish, because there are a number of different options when it comes to the style and design you choose.  

Snoo Bassinet

This would be a super special gift to give your bestie, albeit let us be clear, it’s not an inexpensive one. This bassinet acts as a 24/7 babysitter. It’s a gentle rocking device that helps soothe a baby to sleep, and comes with a number of gizmos that make it a real dream for mothers who don’t like to helicopter around their babies. Be warned, these are not cheap, and it may be better to rent than buy outright. 

Owlet Smart Sock

Again, this is quite pricey but will certainly be a gift your friend will welcome. An owlet smart sock helps to track all their baby’s key vital data. These include heart rate, oxygen levels, and other information throughout the night. This gives new mothers the peace of mind they need, and you can also track all this data throughout the key years and also removes the need for a baby monitor.

Milestone Blanket

This gift is a little bit more affordable and is also a very nice gift to give. This blanket maps out key milestones of a baby’s early life and can be used as a nice background for those special Instagram photos. You can get these in all types of styles and fashions, and as well as being decorative, they are also functional as a nice blanket for indoor or outdoor use.

Mombella Pacifier

Your bestie no doubt has a bunch of pacifiers, but a mombella pacifier has a lot more uses beyond the basic functions you’d expect from a pacifier. A mombella pacifier is great for teething and can be used as a calming device, and can be held by a young child. These are hugely popular right now, and you can see them all over social media at present.

Mamaroo Swing

This baby seat does basically what mummy does when she is trying to calm and soothe her child. It bounces and swings from side to side and is a neat piece of parental technology that makes a great baby shower gift. These come in all sorts of styles and are very useful for mothers of newborns who are finding it hard to separate from mother for any period.

Baby Merlin Sleepsuit

Transferring your baby from a sleeping position to a swaddle can prove the difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless one. This sleepsuit is a swaddle and sleepsuit all in one. It’s a great transition garment for those moving from swaddles to independent sleep and creates a safe, calming sleep environment.

Hatch Sound Machine

This super sleek device is, no pun intended, a dream for parents looking to ease their children into sleep. It offers a bunch of settings and sound types and, more importantly, can be activated from your phone. This will help you avoid the suffering of having to tiptoe to the crib to press on the sleep machine button, and in the process waking your baby.

Boppy Pillow

Your best friend will love this gift, but not as much as her newborn. The boppy pillow was created to offer a safe place to place your baby when she is awake and supervised. It offers your child an elevated position and one of comfort and is great for newborns and preferable to having them lying flat. 

Wine Club Subscription

Sometimes the best baby shower gifts are those that are not specifically for the newborn who has entered a mother’s life. Why not surprise your best friend with a wine club subscription, especially for those who consider themselves beginner connoisseurs. These come in all sorts of price ranges, and you can even get them for specific niches, such as vegan wines or those who want to try wines from a specific region.

Any of these gifts would be great to give your bestie at the baby shower and will make you the envy of your other friends who will hope you give them similarly useful gifts when they too give birth to a new child.

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