4 Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained This Winter

keep kids entertained in winter

If you are wondering how you will keep the kids entertained during their school winter break then you are not alone. A lot of parents think that they should be taking the children out and doing something with them every day. This is not the case, you don’t need to do this to create happy memories with your children. They will always remember the times spent with you, both at home and out doing stuff. They just appreciate spending quality time together with you. 

Let’s take a look at four things you can do with the kids to keep them happy and entertained this winter.   

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Build A Snowman

If you are lucky enough to be in a snowy location this winter then you can venture out and have some fun in the snow. Children and adults alike enjoy playing in the snow and it can be very therapeutic once you get past the freezing cold hands. Wrap up warm and get out there. Have snowball fights, although be careful there are no stones caught in your snowballs as this could cause injuries. You could even have a family competition as to who can build the biggest snowman. 

Indoor Activities

Winter can get very cold and you might not always want to go and do things outside. There are plenty of indoor activities you can do, such as soft play, or you can also buy activity books for kids to keep them entertained while learning. One great way to keep the little ones entertained is by playing scrabble. This classic board game can be played by all ages and is a great way to help develop vocabulary. If you’re looking for a scrabble helper, there are plenty of online resources to help you get the most out of the game. A website like, scrabblewordcheat.com, features a user-friendly interface that lets you search for words and definitions, as well as find tips and tricks for playing better scrabble.You could arrange a playdate with some of the other kids’ mums and take the children to a soft play center to run off the excess energy they have. You could make a day of it and have some lunch there and a nice girly chat and catch up. 

If you have older children that don’t want to be stuck with their younger siblings you could arrange for a babysitter and spend some time with your older child. There are plenty of activities for the older children to do. One excellent idea is an escape room, this is the perfect cold rainy day activity and gets the brain thinking as well. 

Film Day

Instead of going out into the cold, spend the day in your pajamas watching movies and eating popcorn. If your kids love watching films then get them to choose their favorites, pile them up and watch one after the other. Get some snacks, pillows, and duvets and it will be a cozy day indoors with lots of laughs. 

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If you are feeling brave enough, you could go and watch a couple of films at the cinema. There is something about the cinema that is very relaxing. If you enjoy going then book a couple of films that the family would like to watch. 


Finally, you might think camping is just an outdoor activity. If you have the room available then you can bring the outside in. Pitch the tents in the living room, throw some duvets and pillows in and you can still enjoy camping as a family. Of course, you can still go camping outdoors; it will just be a little bit chilly in the winter months. 

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