5 Easy Steps To Become a Freelance Front-End Developer

Do you want to become a front-end developer? Nice decision! We’re sure you’ll get a lot of job offers as companies from all over the world hire javascript developers and other front-end programmers pretty frequently. But if you’re new to the programming world, figuring out how to become a front-end developer might be a little too challenging. There are so many concepts you need to learn and so many things you need to practice that it is hard to even figure out where to start. 

But don’t worry, we feel you. That is why we have brought you 5 really easy steps to help you become a freelance front-end developer in no time. 

1) Choose the language and start learning 

First of all, of course, you should choose which front-end language you want to learn and start studying it. There are a couple of ways you can learn a new programming language. The traditional approach is to go and get a degree in computer science or a related field. 

Of course, universities give you a more solid background as you study a large number of subjects. However, they are also pretty costly, as usually the tuition is pretty expensive. Not only is it expensive it also requires too much time as most bachelor’s degrees are four years long. 

Instead, what you could do is go for an intensive programming course, or learn the languages yourself with the online alternatives. 

Most of the online courses out there are completely out of charge, so it will not cost you a penny to learn your desired programming language from scratch. 

2) Build your portfolio 

Once you learn the language, make sure you start working on some personal projects to include them in your portfolio. In the freelancing world, a good portfolio is extremely important as it is the main thing your potential employers will examine when considering your position for the work. 

So make sure you have some really good works displayed on it, that will catch the eye of the companies and present your skills in the best manner. If you don’t know how to start creating works for your portfolio, you can come up with an imaginary company and assume they gave you a fun project. 

Take the task seriously and spend some time on developing those projects, and you’ll see that it will not only become a good sample in your portfolio but will also help you improve your skills. 

3) Work on your reputation and image 

It’s time to make yourself famous with the help of the Internet! Today, if you use social media correctly, you can quickly gain fame and build a reputation using social media. Use all the platforms available to you to let the world know that you are a freelance front-end developer open to new offers. 

You can work on your Instagram account or the LinkedIn one. Or maybe both! Whatever you choose, make sure it is used only professionally and differs from your personal account. You don’t want to post your puppy videos here too often. 

4) Create an account in freelancing websites 

You finally reached this step! Of course, if you succeed in getting your social media accounts famous, you’ll get a lot of job offers from Instagram and Linkedin alone. But most of the freelancers find their jobs using popular freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. 

So choose one of these portals, or create an account in all of them. It might take some time before your account here becomes seen by the employers. In fact, generally, the new freelancers do their first projects for free to build their rating. Anyways, after a couple of months, these portals can become your primary source of income! 

5) Ask for feedback 

Finally, the last step of becoming a front-end freelancer is asking your employers and clients for feedback and working on your weak sides. It’s okay not to be perfect in all aspects. The important part here is that you improve yourself constantly by gaining new skills! 

That’s it! 

With only five simple steps you can become a freelance front-end developer and completely change your lifestyle.

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