5 Tricks for Perfect Curly Hair

Girls with curly mops always get noticed and complimented. The curly hair girl is always in the limelight as it is hard to ignore those unique locks that leave everyone wondering how she manages those beautiful curls.

The truth is that it is not easy to damage those curly hairs, as is it often a lifelong struggle to manage them properly. Plus, there is a never-ending search for the right hair products for curly hair and keep them from getting coarse and frizzy.

Given below are some tips from the top hairstylists who share their expertise and experience with curly hair.

Get rid of split ends

Head to your hairstylist every six weeks and be specific with him regarding the split ends and what you are looking for. Communicate your preicse worries and concerns with your stylist if you want bouncy and fresh, healthy curls. Once you get rid of the split ends and damaged hair, the curls will get back that bouncy look. Some girls might need a trim every three or four weeks to remove those split ends.

Use natural treatments

It is good to use hair masks made from natural ingredients like babassu oil for your hair to keep them healthy and lustrous. For example, make a mask of olive oil and eggs and apply on your hair. Leave the hair mask on for about 20-30 minutes before washing it off with a gentle shampoo. You can also mash avocado with honey as a hydrating hair mask.

Use quality products

For healthier-looking curls, be careful about the products you choose as they should be suitable for your hair type. For example, thick hair types will need stronger formulations to help achieve bouncier curls. Thanks to the growing awareness and demand, specific hair products are available in the market for curly hair.

Add a leave-in conditioner

To avoid entering the dry or dull phase for your hair, use a quality conditioner to give the curls some extra shine and bounce. Invest in an easy-to-use conditioning spray and focus on the ends when spraying the conditioner all over the hair. For intense effect, apply a leave-in conditioner on soaking wet hair.

Avoid brushing

Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to rake through the curly hair and resist that urge to brush those curls. Go from the bottom up gently and slowly to detangle curls and be gentle with them. Use a spray bottle to add some moisture as wetness in the air makes it easier to work through the knots and detangle each area.

As you can see, all one needs to do is use the right products and maintain a good hair care routine to keep those unpredictable and unruly curls well in control. Now you can be sure of enjoying a good time every day and making those curls a lot more enviable. Just find the right products to manage those wild curls and follow the above-listed tips to make your hair so much healthier.

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