8 Scenarios Perfect for Dirty Talk With Your Partner

dirty talk

Utilizing dirty talk can really spice things up in the bedroom. We all have a list of sexy things to say to our partners, but it is not always easy to articulate them or say them in the right way. Women especially find it more difficult to whisper those naughty little words than men, but it is not always a gender-specific issue. So, if you too find it difficult to say sexy things during sex to excite and arouse your partner, we will make it easy for you. 

Here’s the list of what you can say during sex to make it more exciting.

When you wish to initiate the act

Men love their women to make the first move. That is one thing that gets them going like no other form of eroticism. So, ladies, this one’s for you. ‘I am in the mood to get naughty,’ ‘I want to make love to you, NOW.’ If you wish to build on the anticipation, send him a text or call and say these words in a husky, sexy voice. Whispering these words can make your man go crazy for you without doing anything extra. 

When you want to get down and dirty

Sex is just as mental as it is physical. Painting sexy visual imagery can have a lasting effect on your partner. Saying things like ‘I am lonely in bed,’ ‘I am thinking of you as I touch myself,’ ‘I am using a sex toy, but I wish it were you,’ can make your partner imagine all those things and build healthy anticipation. Visualizing you doing all those naughty things yourself and thinking of them will make them feel wanted. And this will surely excite and arouse them for the final game. 

“I’ll be doing the cooking and eating you up.

Women love naughtiness at times and nothing gets them going more than their man being in charge of the kitchen and the bedroom in the same evening. Tell your lady love – I’ll be cooking tonight and will eat you up after the meal as nothing’s tastier than you.’ A relaxing evening as you cook and a night of passion can be the perfect recipe for spicing things up between the two of you. 

Add some kink to your conversations

Being kinky and being naughty makes for a great combination. You can text them when they are away at work or busy doing their daily chores. The thought of going kinky at night will increase the temptation and result in hot and happening sex. Leave a note by your partner’s side asking ‘Which flavoured condom do you prefer’ or ‘Would you like to eat up some hot chocolate off my body?’ Sexual role play scripts can add an extra layer of excitement and passion to your dirty talk sessions, allowing you and your partner to explore new fantasies and unleash your naughtiest desires.

Balance it out with naughty and loving

Saying sweet nothings to your wife is a perfect way of arousing her. Some of the sexy things to say during sex can be – I love the way you kiss me. The best thing that sits on me is you. I love the feeling of being inside you. Telling your partner how amazing you feel being with them is a great encouragement and will help them open up and express themselves without hesitation. 

Share your fantasies

We all have fantasies; It’s only a matter of choice how we share and bring them to life. But sharing fantasies can be a real turn-on for your partner and yourself. ‘I want to make love to you in the back of my car,’ ‘Just imagine getting naughty on a beach,’ ‘If we can have a quickie on the terrace, that would be the ultimate.’ Be open and frank with your fantasies and word them in a luring manner. That will surely get your partner going. 

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Make the most of drunken (consensual) sex

Being inebriated lowers your guards down and can make you do things that you otherwise will not. Make the most of those party nights when the two of you come back home after an evening of merry drinking and casual conversations. Let your naughty side come out in the open and do things you are too coy to try otherwise. ‘I want to spank you tonight,’ ‘Let’s try that new position that we have always wanted to,’ ‘I am going to eat you up dry,’ are some of the sexiest things to say to your girl. The idea is to make things memorable in bed and you must try everything to make that happen. 

Make roleplay count

Role play is one of the best ways to let those naughty words out. You have the cushion of doing your part in the role play act and can cross your limits without hesitations. You can be anything you want. From strangers meeting in a bar to the policeman and a crook, professor and a student, nurse, and patient. Enact those parts and live a fantasy world that gets you going. 

Sex can be enjoyed in many ways. Be it your body doing the talking or wording some naughty thoughts to spice things up, there is no limit to the kind of sexual pleasure you can achieve if you let your guard down. Do whatever it takes to spark that fire. From roleplay to sex toys, throw caution to the wind and enjoy sexual ecstasy with your partner. 

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