5 Foods That Might Be Causing Your Breakouts

If you are prone to breakouts, perhaps you should have a good look at what you eat in your daily routine. While food alone is not the only factor that causes acne and other aspects such as your lifestyle and genes have a role to play, some foods may make things worse.

According to researchers, some oily foods that are rich in fats and sugar can raise the risk of developing acne. Thus, if you are prone to those breakouts, have a look at your diet and ask a dermatologist at UCF Health about how specific foods can trigger the condition. Perhaps you need to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle.

 Below are some foods that might add to the risk of developing a breakout or acne and show a correlation with acne.

Cow’s milk – Scientists believe that it could be the hormones in cow’s milk, especially skim milk, that can aggravate acne. Some studies suggest cow’s milk can increase acne breakouts as the hormones can cause inflammation inside the body.

Tip: Avoid intake of cow’s milk and look for other alternatives such as almond or even cashew milk. Explore the market to see what you like.

Sugar and Carbs – The sugar and carbohydrates in foods such as sugary drinks, white bread, and rice can enter the blood quickly. When the body makes more effort to bring down blood sugar, it can impact the hormone level and raise the risk of acne.

Tip:  Say goodbye to those cakes and pastries if you want to see a remarkable improvement in your skin condition. It is best to stay away from high sugar foods, especially if you are prone to breakouts.

Chocolate – As per a few small studies, people who ate chocolate tend to develop more breakouts as compared to those who ate dark chocolate.  The regular milk chocolate variety carries ingredients that will cause inflammation and agitate your acne.

Tip:  Avoid foods like milk chocolate and chocolate cakes, plus those candy bars and desserts with chocolate. Go for dark chocolates or raw cacao as it is packed with vitamins A, C, E, and zinc as these are good for the skin.

Fast Foods – Western diets that encourage fast food is rich in refined carbohydrates, calories, and fat. Thus, it is no surprise to see those enjoying sodas and milkshakes, burgers, and pizzas deal with more skin issues and have an increased acne risk.

Tip– Limit intake of fast food in your diet and replace them with fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables.

Whey Protein Powder– Those who often hit the gym can routinely indulge in whey protein, which is a popular dietary supplement. The amino acids in the whey protein powder may contribute to acne as it encourages the skin cells to grow and divide more quickly.

Tip– Consult your trainer and replace the whey protein with another form of natural food as a source of proteins.

Now that you are aware of the foods that can raise the risk of breakouts, just stay away from them and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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