6 Sex Tips To Boost Your Relationship

Sex is a key ingredient in the recipe for a winning relationship. It is an expression of love, lust, and so much more. However, even if you fancy each other, it’s not uncommon for couples to see their passions fade over time. 

If this has happened to your relationship, now is the time to consciously rediscover the spark. Here are six ways to make it happen in style.

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1| Be open

Firstly, you need to know whether your partner feels the same as you. If they don’t they may not even realize that this part of the relationship needs attention. And if they do, it gives you a chance to work on this as a couple. It could mean seeing a sex therapist or counselor. Or it may just require a conscious effort to address the issues. Either way, if you repeat the same cycle and expect different results, you will be left bitterly disappointed.

2| Make time for love

There are times where a quickie can be exactly what’s needed. However, it can be a little disheartening when all of your physical encounters are limited to a few minutes. While spontaneity is required too, there is nothing wrong with ensuring that you have time for a night of passion. This can include a date night that leads into time spent on foreplay and intercourse. Take your time to enjoy your bodies and the sensations will be heightened.

3| Regain personal confidence

It’s difficult to truly relax and enjoy physical intimacy if you are not confident in yourself. The harsh reality is that most of us put on a little weight when we’re in love. But most of us learn to deal with that. However, you must not ignore the need to rebuild your looks and self-confidence. A Brazilian wax, nice underwear, and the right daily beauty routines can achieve this goal. When you are both confident and relaxed, your sex will be better.

4| Try something new

Adventurous couples may want to add a third person to the equation. In reality, though, most couples can spice things up without this option, which is often better left as a fantasy. Introducing adult toys to the bedroom is an increasingly popular method. Alternatively, you can try new positions or even new locations. An element of risk and adventure can add to the excitement, which makes you feel like you did back in the early days of dating.

5| Talk

Communication is vital for all aspects of your relationship. Sex shouldn’t be any different. Talking dirty in the bedroom can be a real turn on for many couples. However, even away from the bedroom, little comments throughout the day can build excitement. Imagining what you’ll do to each other before doing it once you get the chance will leave you feeling satisfied before, during, and after the event.

6| Roleplay

The repetition of monogamous relationships can take a toll. Roleplay is a good way to take yourselves into an entirely new situation. It is a chance to live out your fantasies and can bring you closer as a couple. While injecting fresh energy into your love life isn’t the only key step towards a better relationship, it will make a huge impact. The sooner you put things right, the better.

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