What Can Push You Into Finally Making a Career Change

With most employees living in an ever-changing work environment, with pandemics and technological advances accelerating upheavals, career change is a reality we will all face one or more times in our lives.

Of course, it is not only external factors that can lead us to such a choice but also personal needs, desires and quests related to our career. After all, with the time we have for our professional life occupying at least half of our day and with the new reality of teleworking claiming even more, it becomes clear that work is inextricably linked to our quality of life. Whatever your motivation for a career change, there are four apparent signs of when it’s time to start.

When the industry in which we operate declines, disappears or no longer offers satisfactory remuneration

The data is clear. Voluntary industry and role changes are at an all-time high. Estimates say that 1 in 4 employees will change careers due to the pandemic’s changes. In addition, dramatic changes are caused by technological developments that have led entire sectors to forced reorganization or even disappearance, while they have created a wide range of new professional specialties that did not exist just a few years ago.

When “imposed” by internal factors

As life progresses and new experiences are added to our course (knowledge, essential events, travels, acquaintances with new people), we grow, mature and change. We discover unique aspects of ourselves, new skills and perspectives. Skills and talents that we did not realize we had. Therefore, a professional choice we made years ago may no longer offer us development or satisfaction.

When work has a negative effect on our self-esteem

Suppose we are in a professional environment that makes us doubt our abilities instead of making us feel that our work is valued and rewarded. This is a strong indication that we need to change jobs. Research, after all, has shown that long-term exposure to toxic work environments has long-term adverse effects on our physical and mental health. Then the decision to remove becomes imperative.

When we feel bored with no motivation and stay only for the salary

If someone hates his job but stays at it because the rewards are good, the chances are that no matter what he earns, they cannot compensate him for the upset and dissatisfaction he feels on a daily basis. In this case, it is worth looking for a change that, in addition to satisfactory earnings, will give us personal and professional satisfaction.

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To avoid misunderstandings

All employees experience moments when they are not in the mood to work or have no motivation and feel their energy is down. But if this is a permanent and daily situation, then we have another sign that this job is not the right one and it is time for something new.

Today, career change is not only a necessity for many employees but also a step that is now entirely feasible. It is not just the abundance of information on the internet, although one should now be extremely careful with the validity and authority of the sources. The certifications and seminars offered online have multiplied due to the pandemic and are accessible and accessible to many more so that they can develop skills. Many professions offer even more opportunities, especially through the use of the internet, employing more and more employees. 

For example, the voice actor profession that has existed for many years has taken advantage of this spread and development of the internet, offering hundreds of jobs to young and talented professionals. These young professionals are now gaining experience through their involvement in this creative profession through reputable agencies such as Voicebooking or Voquent, which has a massive group of talented voices from all over the world.

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