How to Reignite and Maintain the Spark in Your Relationship 

Everyone likes to believe that when you meet the right person for you — your one true love — your relationship will be all smooth sailing forever. And for the first few months, that seems true. During the honeymoon phase, all you can think about is each other, and all you want to do when you’re together is talk about everything under the sun and make love. 

But eventually, after the first few months, that intense passion will slowly fade. You might feel panic when this scenario happens because you love your partner with your whole heart — losing them would be an absolute nightmare.

Luckily, there are things you can do to reignite that spark in your relationship. A few perfect examples include the following:

Spend Hours Cuddling in Bed

This word of advice doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have sex all day. Sure, you can spend some time making love and trying out new things to spice up your sex life, but ultimately, what this advice simply means is to just hang out with each other while lying in bed. 

In other words, while the two of you are lying down on your couple’s mattress, you can spend hours cuddling, watching your favorite movies, or simply having a deep chat. Just enjoying each other’s presence goes a long way in the end. 

Take Some Time to Open Up More 

On a similar note as the previous advice, you should definitely start opening up to each other more. This means that when you’re having a deep chat with each other, you should share everything about yourself — your emotions, your fears, your problems, even the things you’re embarrassed about. And when it’s your partner’s turn to share their feelings, you should listen eagerly as well. 

Essentially, good communication will allow you to get to know each other once again. It will also let you talk about the problems within your relationship and discuss how you two are going to resolve them. 

Go on Dates Once Again


When your relationship is currently running for a year or more, the chances are that you’ve stopped going on dates with your partner. After all, dates are only for those people who just started a relationship, right? 

Wrong. Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, you should still go on dates. These dates don’t have to be a fancy and grand one — a simple dinner or walk in a park will do just as well. You can even recreate your first date to remind both of you why you fell in love in the first place. 

Do you remember the first few dates where you would always get flowers and chocolates for your loved one? Well, what is stopping you from doing it now? If you want to make sure that you make your partner get the same type of butterflies every time around, you can always buy flowers online and recreate your earlier date experiences. 

Get creative with your dates, and soon enough, you’ll feel excitement once again. 

Plan Surprises Now and Then 

Long-term relationships can fall into the trap of monotony after a certain period of time, and to combat that problem, you might want to consider planning surprises every now and then. 

The surprise can be anything — you can do a surprise date, or you can give them a surprise gift even though there’s no special occasion at the moment.

Basically, surprising your partner from time to time lets them know that you’re always thinking of them. And this can lead to your spark rekindling. 

Try Something New in Bed

If things in the bedroom department are getting stale, it may be time to explore new toys, kinks, and plays to spice up sexy time. Try adult toys for men such as cock sheaths if you’ve never tried them before. Talk to your partner about doing something new in bed. Both of you may have desires and fantasies that you want to fulfill but are too afraid to tell each other about. Bring it up casually by saying, “Hey, I saw this thing in a magazine. I was wondering if you’d be down to try it.” Communication will not only improve your sex life but also make your relationship stronger. 


Making a relationship work takes a lot of effort and commitment. So, if you feel like your relationship is losing its spark, you need to do something to rekindle the magic. 

For that reason, you should consider the tips mentioned above. They might be able to help you with this matter. 

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