Surprising Ways That VR Can Improve Your Sex Life

Sex, masturbation, kinks and fetishes have been a taboo subject for quite some time. The world has eased up a great deal, there is no denying that. But, even the western world is far from being out of the woods with regard to sexual openness. Head to the east and it is still fraught with shame, embarrassment and often strong ideologies that make it nearly impossible to live, think or feel freely. Talking about sex in such circles is unheard of.

Hiding sexual interests doesn’t help society and it isn’t healthy. Pretending that they are not there doesn’t change that they are, it just makes expressing them feel wrong, shameful or awkward. Women in particular have been on the brunt of sexual shaming. Whether it’s because they had sex outside of marriage, have shown a greater sexual appetite than society or religion allows, or because they have had more than X number of partners. A little research can help you find a list of the best VR p*rn websites.

The unfortunate consequence of not being able to be honest about what turns you on runs deeper than simply missing out on sexual fun. It impacts your sexual and personal identity. It can make you feel ashamed of your body. You can find yourself feeling unworthy of intimacy and even make you feel like you’re living a lie in your relationship. 

If there is one reason you can be grateful to the internet, it’s that it has shown the world that no matter how unique you think you are with regards to your sexual interests, you are not alone. You are not in a small perverted crowd hidden in the dark depths of the internet. You are a member of an international club that’s growing. To put it simply, it has shown that whatever you are into, is quite normal. There are of course really extreme interests that would make most people’s stomachs churn, but even those niches have highlighted a growing trend. 

So, now that you know it’s ok to pursue your deepest sexual desires, how do you go about it? Well, there are lots of ways and this article aims to give you the road map to sin city and it’s closer than you think. 

Fetish Dating Apps

When you think of fetishes you can probably come up with a handful of ideas, but the world of kinky play is ever-expanding. In real terms, fetishes are simply the specific things that lead to your arousal and they can be anything. Some of course are more elaborate than others but don’t fret, fetish dating apps cover a wide range. One site has over 350 fetishes listed, ranging from BDSM to age play (legal), belly dancing, furry dress up, you name it, it’s there. Fetishes are much more about the mental and emotional experience than the physical, in most cases. Either way, you won’t be short of ideas and kinks to explore

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

This is one of the internet’s latest crazes. Virtual reality lets you watch and experience p*rn as though you are in the room with the performers. If you are into voyeurism, this is the closest you’re gonna get without breaking the law – and you don’t want to be that guy. Adult content sites like give you a full 360 view of the space that you are in and you can even take the view of the person being pleasured or doing the pleasuring, so it actually looks and feels as though you are the performer. You can even buy toys that sync with the p*rn experience, so it actually feels like you are being pleasured. This is a great way to enhance your sex life with a partner too. Most couples try dressing up at some point and the point of that is to pretend to be different people or in situations that you are not normally in. Virtual reality lets you take this to another level. 

Augmented reality combines your real-world environment with a digital filter, so you can see a hot partner in your personal space. Porn isn’t quite there yet with augmented reality, but at least you have something to look forward to. 

Going back to kinks and fetishes, VR p*rn is a great way to explore your deviant side. There is a wide range of sexual experiences to choose from, so if you’re too uncomfortable asking your partner to treat you like a sissy, don’t panic, you have options. Even if you are, your partner doesn’t have to play the role to perfection, they need only be willing to perform the acts. The model in the video will take care of the rest. 

So, there you have it. VR is your new gateway to enjoy all your kinks and fetishes when you can’t get out there and meet someone. Even when you can, you’ll probably find a group of role players that love to include VR into their gameplay. Enjoy. 

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