5 Unexpected Conversations You Need to Have on Your Premarital Checklist

Your wedding is perhaps the most exciting event of your life, and you will want it to be perfect. There is a lot to handle for preparation, from the venue to guest lists, outfits, menus, honeymoon planning, and more. With such an immense workload at hand, it is easy to overlook several other things that require your attention. The best way to ensure that you cover everything is to prepare a premarital checklist that has every smallest detail. Here are some unconventional things that couples miss out on but must have on the list.

Money matters

Most couples overlook discussing money matters before marriage and postpone the conversation until after the vows. But it could be the worst mistake for people coming together to build a family. Make financial matters clear and decide how the house will run once you start a life together. Knowing each other’s financial situations, spending habits, and expectations gives you the right start together.

Household responsibilities

If you think that it is too early to discuss household responsibilities before marriage, you may be wrong. Not sorting out things can lead to disputes down the line, specifically when both partners are working. You must have clear expectations about sharing chores and doing your bit. It is wrong to assume that a woman must handle home and family alone even if she stays at home. Talk it out and make a pact for a smooth ride together.

Family planning 

You will probably know your partner’s views on starting a family, but discussing it in detail should be a part of your premarital checklist. Talk about timing and preparation for starting the family. Even better, get premarital health checks to have a fair idea of your fertility status as a couple. A clear view of the picture gives you a good start and enables you to plan the future with more confidence and have potentially tough conversations before marriage.

Retirement goals

If someone suggests planning retirement before marriage, you will probably think they are not serious. But it actually makes sense to understand each other’s retirement goals before taking the vows. Your partner may want to retire young, while you believe in working for a lifetime. You must understand the mindset of the other person. You may do your own things, but it always helps to be on the same page. 

Views on life

Love often brings two different people together, and you learn more about each other for a lifetime. Before making a commitment, you must understand each other’s views on life. Discuss social issues, religious beliefs, and political ideas. Talk about travel goals and long-term plans. You must communicate in detail even if you have been together for years. Things change after marriage as you have to blend with each other’s families.

A premarital checklist should go beyond the basics like wedding planning and honeymoon prep. Considering these factors will get you closer to your partner and ensure that you understand each other. Life will be much easier down the road when you start with clear expectations. 

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