5 Creative Social Media Ideas for Your Wedding Day

When you plan your wedding, you think about different ideas to make it the best day of your life. You think of good food presentation, decoration, music, photography, a pre-wedding planner, and whatnot.

It might sound like a lot but this list is incomplete without social media. Given, we are on the phone all day every day. The hashtag #weddingideas is hot on social media and it demonstrates trends that we can only dream of!

Couples planning their wedding are extensively leveraging the power of social media to make their wedding dreamy and a milestone for others to cross. Also, the blast lies in pouring comments on the perfect pictures of the wedding days. Who will not fall in love with roses, cute flower girls, heart-throbbing dresses of bridesmaids, and gentlemen with head-turning beards, on top of a wedding setting that delivers a heavenly feel?

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Are you about to make choices which you don’t want to regret? In the next few paragraphs, we will share foolproof social media ideas with you!

List of social media ideas for your wedding day:

With the help of these ideas, we can ensure you that all the moments would be captured and shared in the best light:

Wedding Hashtag 

The wedding hashtags are in the trend and couples start posting them the same day when the preparation of the big day begins. It is step 1 of your memorable wedding followed by the below-mentioned steps:

  • Publicizing the hashtag is really easy, you can do it through social media. You just save the date and post it on your wedding website. This is one of the easiest ways to keep all the wedding-related posts at the same place.
  • Are you looking for some mind-boggling ideas for wedding hashtags? If yes, you can check out some brilliant ideas on Instagram and Facebook for flattering captions and unique hashtags.
  • To make your wedding more interesting you can also ask your relatives to use this hashtag during pre-wedding or on your engagement and wedding day.
  • Do not forget to display this hashtag on at least one sign, such as menu cards, ceremony programs, wedding invitations, directional signs, etc as it would draw more attention of the guests.

Create a Social Media Wall 

Another striking social media idea for this auspicious day is creating a social media wall with all your beautiful pictures including your friends and relatives. You can also get this wall customized by any professional to make it more captivating.

This wall would make your close ones feel special and excited, seeing you grow up and get married. You can also use a social media aggregator tool before your wedding day to share all the feeds. For this, you would just need to set up a social media wall and after that, you can put all these feeds on digital signage.

  • This would be a superlative concept as your guests would feel great after seeing their pictures displayed on the wedding’s social media wall.
  • Until now all your guests would have seen conventional weddings, but creating this wall would be a unique idea for delighting your guests.

Livestream The Ceremony 

Are you and your partner from a different city or country? If yes, then there might be many guests who would not be able to attend your wedding. We have sorted this issue as well, just live stream the whole ceremony for all your loved ones. Here are the heads ups:

  • Your videographer can use a tripod and set up the phone to live-stream the ceremony. But you need to ensure that there are no goof-ups when it comes to social media photography.
  • For live streaming, a LED video light is the perfect accessory. This can be used to enhance the quality of your videos and allows you to clearly see people during a live broadcast, especially in low-light settings
  • Do not forget to inform them about this live streaming option to your loved ones so that they do not miss any part of your special day and you can also feel their presence.
  • If you do not wish to share it with all your friends and relatives, then you can also customize it by making a group and sharing it with just a few of your friends.

Create Your Own Snapchat or Instagram Filter

In today’s time who does not know about Snapchat or Instagram, it is one of the most renowned applications for taking selfies and sharing them with your close ones.

  • If you as well are a Snapchat or Instagram fan and plan to take creative photos of your wedding, then you can create your own filters which would add sauce to your event.
  • There are numerous filters available on Snapchat or Instagram but there are different filters according to your geographical locations.
  • You would just have to pay a fee to get the filter made according to your wedding location. This would be an amazing idea to make your wedding pictures different, plus you can make fabulous videos and share them with your friends, isn’t this plan unique?

This could be a great treat for your guests and they could use this filter to share and post the pictures, along with you in it. This is really interesting and one of the best social media ideas.

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Photo Booths  

This can be a fun element of your wedding, where you can get interesting props and get clicked. You must have seen this at many weddings but take the photo booth to the next level by including your hashtags, name, or icons on it.

  • Go for the new photo booths where you can create videos as well and share it on social media with no wait.
  • You can also create props for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, your guests would have a glorious time clicking the pictures in these props.

In Conclusion

We can assure you that these ideas would recreate the atmosphere of your special day which you might be dreaming of since childhood. This would help in creating everlasting memories, by making your wedding an amazing event along with adding lots of joy to it. Marriage ceremonies are exhausting, but using these ideas would make it fun and worth remembering for everyone.

Article by Aston Rhodes

Aston Rhodes is an experienced content creator and marketing expert from JatApp application development company. Aston has been helping authors improve their blogs for over 5 years and turn this hobby into a business. She does research and discussion on tech-related topics. She enjoys sharing her experiences with a like-minded audience and writes about software development, digital marketing, business, career, and more.

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