Fashion Unmasked: Why We Care Who is Wearing Who

For those who follow fashion, there is no greater real-life style guide than what the rich and famous are choosing to wear. Celebrities often have the time and money at their disposal to seek out the best designers. If they have a team of stylists on-hand, they have even more of an advantage in finding the best clothes. But why do non-celebrities care so much about which designers the rich and famous are wearing? Here are four reasons that may help solve this mystery.

The Price

High fashion certainly does not come cheap. Brands like Dolce and Gabbana or Gucci can come with hefty price tags to reflect the quality and prestige of the brands. The ability to spend a lot of money on luxuries like designer clothes is one that many people envy. When the rich and famous post their newest photos online or are photographed on the red carpet, many fans want to know where the celebrity got the clothes and how much they paid for them. Sometimes it’s that the clothes were donated for a red carpet event, but sometimes the celebrity paid full price. Knowing this information lets fashion watchers daydream about the day when they too can afford such luxuries.

The Quality

The high price tag comes with high quality. The top fashion houses aren’t very likely to use substandard materials or sewing methods that won’t hold up to use. Only the best wool, cotton, and synthetic fabrics are likely to end up in the finished pieces. In addition to the materials, the knowledge of how to cut, fit and stitch each piece together to best suit the wearer is not easily learned. That level of expertise should be highly respected. Wearing something perfectly tailored especially for you is something that most people may only get to do once or twice in their lives. Living vicariously through the rich and famous lets fashion watchers daydream of the day when they too can be showered in high fashion pieces.

The Uniqueness

Ready-to-wear or “off the rack” items come with significant cost savings, but also a significant loss of individuality. The chances of running across someone wearing the same t-shirt or dress are high, and anyone who knows anything about fashion can tell you what a faux pas that can be. The rich and famous don’t have this problem. In addition to being able to tailor their clothes, they often have the means and connections to special-order unique pieces that suit their tastes. This means that the clothes you may see celebrities wearing online aren’t often ones that you can purchase for yourself. This adds to the fun of fashion watching because you never quite know what to expect to come walking down the runway next.

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The Prestige

All of the above adds up to one final reason why fans are obsessed with the fashion of the rich and famous. The price tag, the quality of the craftsmanship, and the ability to wear something that no one else has totals up to a lot of prestige. Wearing designer brands signals that someone is a person of means and great taste. That often translates to a higher level of respect, which is something that just about everyone wants to receive.

Watching what the rich and famous are wearing provides an ongoing form of entertainment and artistic appreciation. These high-end designer pieces are made by the best artisans in the world. Many fashion fans dream of having a closet full of perfectly designed and tailored clothing, all unique to their personal tastes. Watching the rich and famous show off their fashion sense helps keep that dream alive, and helps drive the obsession with it.

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