Best Ways to Protect Yourself from the Sun with Style

You are diligent about protecting your skin from the sun. You wear sunscreen religiously.  You generally avoid going out on days when there is no cloud coverage. You always wear sunglasses, and you rarely go to the beach. However, every once in a while, you get a sunburn. The one thing you are missing is a hat or something to provide shade wherever you go. 

If you are afraid that a hat will mess up your hair and ruin your general aesthetic, remember that skin cancer will ruin your aesthetic as well. There are a few tips that you can use to get fashionable yet effective shelter from the sun.

How to Select the Perfect Hat 

Sun hats and cowboy hats have a wide brim and they offer the most protection from the harmful rays. People with long or square faces look the best in a wide-brimmed hat. A floppy hat will also compliment a square-shaped face by softening its lines. 

If you have a heart-shaped face, you will look best in a fedora because the brim will make the wide upper half of your face look smaller. People with oval faces are lucky as they can wear any style of hat.

People with round faces generally do not look great in wide brims. However, a beanie will look great and protect your head from the sun.

Baseball Caps

A baseball cap may not be the most fashionable article of clothing in the world, but it does offer protection from those powerful sun rays on an especially bright day. When you wear them with glasses, they can give you an air of mystery. 

You can make a baseball cap more stylish by personalizing it. There are on-demand printing companies on the internet that will let you upload a design to put on a cap. 

You can embroider a sarcastic message or an inspirational saying on a hat. Select a hot pink hat, and have your initials embroidered on it for a cute and attention-getting look.

If you have a family gathering coming up, you can put your family crest on a baseball cap.  If you have a company picnic, give away caps bearing the company logo to your employees.  Many people have found a custom hat here.

If your hat catches on, you can sell it on an e-commerce platform. You will simply set up a web store and link it to the on-demand company of your choice. When a customer orders your hat, the on-demand company will get notice of the order, print it, and ship it out. 

Use an Umbrella 

You may think that the days of the parasol have passed but the truth is, an umbrella offers excellent protection from the sun. If you feel uncomfortable walking around town looking like Scarlett O’Hara, you can always use an ordinary umbrella. You can get a stylish umbrella with an image of Starry Night on it or something that you create yourself. Try using the image of a pet or a favorite film on your umbrella.

Wear Make Up with SPF

Although you try to use sunscreen every day, there are times when you go outside without it. You might be in a rush and forget to put it on or you might have to go out unexpectedly and simply not think about it. If you get makeup with SPF in it, you will never be outside without protection from the sun. There are some beautiful foundations out there that are good for your skin and contain enough SPF to protect you.

Nothing is more fashionable than gorgeous skin. When you wear hats, sunscreen, and stay in the shade, you will lessen your chances of skin cancer. Living a long, healthy, and prosperous life will never go out of style.

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