Why You Need a Pop-Up Camper

Our pop-up camper has been with us for seven years, and we still love it. It may be the best camp option for families with children.

The following list contains tent trailer camping benefits to help you convince. A few myths have also been dispelled.

Tent trailers are economical.

Our used tent trailer was purchased for $2000 nine years ago. The wheels were replaced this spring at $140. Other than that, the cost has not been a problem. This compares to $25,000+ to buy a new travel trailer. Talking about expenses to buy a new trailer, in case that’s a concern, here you can find various options for renting campers.

Pop-Up Campers Let the Air Flow

This is certainly one of my favorite parts about camping in pop-up campers vs. hard-shelled. It’s easy for the camper to breathe because you can open the screens from all sides. Nothing is better than a chill summer night under a starry sky.

Tent trailers sleep a lot of people

Tent trailers can accommodate more people than luxury RVs. My friend has a 12’x12′ tent trailer that sleeps ten people.

The 10’x10′ box in ours sleeps eight comfortably. There’s a king-sized bed on one side and a double on the other. The double bed can be converted into a single or double bed by removing two benches. There is enough space to accommodate our five-person family, and one child can bring along a friend.

You can always buy a tent to put outside your camper if you feel the need. Although we have never used it, it is possible.

Pop-Up Campers are easy to tow.

This is where small, pop-up campers are able to outperform larger, heavier travel trailers. A minivan or small SUV can easily tow them. You don’t need a huge SUV or expensive pickup truck to get around. A 2005 Toyota Sienna has a 3.3L engine. It can tow 3500 pounds. This is enough for a pop-up tent trailer.

A trailer hitch is a tool that allows you to tow small campers on a vehicle. However, it must not be a commercial model. You can purchase one for as little as $100 and have it installed by an experienced mechanic. This trailer hook is similar to the one we have. To ensure you get the correct trailer hitch for your vehicle, make sure to verify the towing specifications before you purchase.

Pop-Up Campers are easy to store

You will have somewhere to park your RV after the camping season ends. You will likely need to hire someone to store your RV if you don’t have the land. Although prices vary, they start at $100 per month.

The tent trailer is placed on an 8 X 10-foot patio stone set in our backyard. We can move it quickly with our van.

A Tent Trailer Doubles as a Sunroom

When we aren’t camping in the summer, our tent trailer is stored in our driveway. This is how it works. It’s the perfect sunroom! I will take a nap there and use it as my summer office where I write. The kids will also use it to host sleepovers with their friends.

Tent trailer camping myths dispelled

Pop-up campers are often misunderstood. Let me start with the most common complaint that the tent trailers leak.

People often mistakenly believe that water can easily seep through the canvas on the slide-outs of a trailer tent.

We’ve had many rainy days over the seven years we’ve owned our tent caravan. I can confirm that not a drop has ever gotten inside our camper during this time.

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You must be careful at any cost to avoid rips or tears in your canvas. If it is wet outside, avoid touching it from the inside. Water could get through. It is not a bad idea to keep a screen-repair kit on hand. If you do happen to get a scratch, you will be able to repair it quickly.

Pop-Up Campers Do Not Have the Creature Comforts Of A Camper

The furnace in our pop-up trailer keeps us warm, even on cool nights early in the camping season. It also features a small fridge.

This electric refrigerator is perfect for keeping perishable foods cold. It can also be used on long road trips with our van. We leave the cooler outside of our camper on a picnic bench. This saves space.

A Marine-style cooler is another option that will save money. These coolers are not powered, but they are very well insulated and can store ice for up six days. This cooler also comes in larger sizes, making it ideal for larger families.

The stove in our pop-up camper can be set up outside or inside. I also have this electric grid with me to make breakfast, pancakes, and bacon. It is always with me when I go home.

If there is a water supply at the campsite (sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t), you can connect your tent trailer to the sink with a garden hose. This allows us to wash dishes and do laundry. This garden hose is what I purchased. It’s only used for camping. You don’t need to make it very long. 10-25 feet is enough.

Article by Peter Yordanov

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