Everything You Need to Know to Give the Best Birthday Flowers Ever

Giving birthday gifts is something most of us like to do to celebrate our friends and family members getting a year older. It’s not only about showing them you care for them, but also getting something that they will use or enjoy.

We are always on the lookout for affordable birthday gift ideas to give, and one of the best to consider is flowers. Flowers not only look beautiful and smell great but can drastically improve how a room or home looks. But if you are going to give flowers as a birthday gift, you should make sure you are going about it the right way. You can also give forever-lasting flowers as a gift that is always memorable for your friend. With that in mind, this post is going to serve as a guide to help you give flowers as birthday gifts.

Decide How to Send Them

The first thing to think about is how you are going to buy, send and/or deliver your flowers to their recipient. Do you want to use a birthday plant delivery service, deliver them yourself after buying from a shop, bring them to them at work, or something else entirely?

There are a ton of options to choose from, but each may differ slightly in terms of price and what is required of both parties. Some people will prefer hand delivering, while others like the idea of the flowers appearing right at their recipient’s doorstep. 

Your choice will depend on where you live, where they live, as well as the schedules that both of you have. Thankfully, there are more options for buying and sending flowers than ever before, so you will be able to find an option that works for you.

Choose The Right Flowers

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Once you know how you plan on getting the flowers, you need to ensure you choose the right flower. The best way to choose the right flower for someone’s birthday is to simply give them their favorite flower. If you know they love a specific flower or scent, getting them this is a surefire way to ensure they love the gift you give.

But what if you don’t know their favorite type of flower and don’t feel like ruining the surprise by asking? In this case, it is generally safe to choose a flower that is their favorite color. If they are a fan of pink or purple, getting them a flower that matches up with those colors is a good choice.

Of course, another option is to check out the hidden meaning behind each flower. While some flowers are great for a casual birthday, others are much more romantic and a perfect gift for your love. There are plenty of resources to learn more about flower symbolism, to ensure you are getting a flower that conveys the sort of message you want it to.

Ensure the Flowers are Fresh

While you may have chosen the right type of flower, you need to make sure the exact bouquet or stem you get them is fresh. Fresh flowers will last much longer and look better than flowers that are already on their last legs.

Identifying fresh flowers in person can be quite easy, thankfully. The petals should be colorful and firm, and not be wilting or discolored in any way. Stems should be solid and green (and free from any bending), and the leaves on the flowers shouldn’t be turning brown.

If you buy flowers online and get them delivered directly, you obviously won’t be able to see the exact flowers that will be delivered. But as long as you are buying from a quality service, you should be confident that the flowers being delivered will be fresh and look great.

While buying fresh flowers is a good starting point, the recipient will still need to care for the flowers well to keep them in great shape for as long as possible. Check out a Penrith florist which offers a fresh flower delivery service across a number of Sydney suburbs.

Make Your Gift More Personal

While a flower is a great gift on their own, you may want to make the gift a little more personal. This is especially true if the individual receives more than one bouquet of flowers as a gift from their friends or family. You want to ensure they not only love the gift, but never forget who it came from.

There are a few ways you can do this to ensure your gift stands out. First of all, you can add a small personal note, card, or message. This can have any sort of message you want, but should be one that is kind, and will make them smile or laugh. It could be a few nice words, recounting a silly story from your past with them, or anything else you think they would enjoy reading.

If you are so inclined, you could also make or design the container, vase or pot that the flowers come in. Anything that you can do to add some uniqueness and personality to your gift is sure to be appreciated and won’t go unnoticed.

Watch Out for Allergies

This is something that many people don’t think of when giving flowers as a gift, despite how important it is. If someone has allergies, you want to be very careful when it comes to which flowers you give them. There are many bad flowers for people with allergies out there, and you need to avoid them. 

Some commonly-given flowers that can be hard on allergy-sufferers are dahlias, daisies, and even sunflowers. Many people may only have mild allergies, but others can suffer reactions that can be much more severe and dangerous.

The last thing you want to do on someone’s birthday is make them sick or contribute to them feeling bad. If someone isn’t allergic to pollen you are generally in the clear, but it can’t hurt to learn about their allergies ahead of time so you don’t make a mistake.

By following this guide, you can ensure you give the best flowers possible as a birthday gift to your friend or family member.

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