5 Signs You Are Being Discriminated Against At Work

Do you feel like you are being discriminated against at your workplace? Well, no one likes to work with discriminating co-workers or employers who mistreat you. 

While it could be challenging to know whether you are being discriminated against, some signs can be key indicators. Here are some red flags to be on the lookout for.

1. Inappropriate Jokes

Jokes at the workplace are normal. However, some jokes could go overboard and get personal. For example, if you are of a different race and your co-workers keep jeering and making jokes about your race, then that could be discrimination.

It can also happen when you are of a different sexual orientation, different origin, disability, or any other protected class or category. If someone jokes too much about something, this can often be a micro-aggression that you shouldn’t have to deal with at work.

2. Lack of Diversity at the Workplace

Does your employer only hire workers of a particular race, gender, sexual orientation, or age group? Well, the chances are that they could be discriminating against something. If you notice that your employer only takes in people from a particular protected class, it could be a sign of discrimination. 

If you feel discriminated against, you must find discrimination attorneys to help you find justice. You only need to enter the terms ‘discrimination lawyers near me’ and get an array of lawyers near you.

3. Passing over Deserved Promotions

Do you feel passed over by deserved promotions? Your employer may be discriminating against you. It is even more likely to be discrimination if you are in a particular class. For example, if you are a different sexual orientation, race, origin, gender, or skin color than your bosses and are often passed over, you could be discriminated against. 

Sometimes you are even more qualified than the selected people, but you don’t get the promotion. Besides losing the status, you lose wages and exponential opportunities in your career. 

4. Too Many Questionable Interview Questions

Have you recently applied for a job position and feel that there were too many indelicate questions ? If you are a woman, a questionable query could be whether or not you intend to start a family. Not only are such questions illegal, but they are also a sign that you will be discriminated against at the workplace

Other workplaces might bar you from applying for a job position simply because you are pregnant or of the other gender. If you are qualified for the job position, you should be given an equal chance to contend for it.

5. Unjust Disciplinary Actions

While you might have committed the same mistake, you could receive a harsher judgement and punishment then the other person. For example, if two people are late for work and one received a verbal warning while the other received a documented warning, it could indicate discrimination

Whether it is an unconscious or conscious bias, it could suggest that the superiors or persons in charge are enabling your termination at the workplace. 


Discrimination of any kind is wrong. It can be stressful and hectic to deliver services when facing discrimination. If you suspect you’re getting discriminated against, you must seek help as soon as possible. Make a record of the instances and seek legal advice. These are your best courses of action.

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