Sorry, but College Sports Are Way More Fun Than the Pros

It is no secret that Americans love their sports. From rocking our favorite players’ jerseys to placing bets, and supporting our hometown teams (even when they’re terrible), America’s love of the game runs deep. Whether it’s catching a Sunday night football game at the bar with friends or taking the kids to their first-ever NBA game, there is nothing like that atmosphere of watching a competitive game. However, the more sports you watch, the more you begin to ask yourself: What is better, college or professional sports?

Pro Vs. College

Of course, professional sports showcase the very best of the best. Professional athletes like Lebron James of the Lakers or Tom Brady of the Bucs are the most talented athletes in the world. Even the players that don’t see any game action are ridiculously talented. However, just because pro athletes are technically better does not mean their games are more exciting to watch. From the heart college athletes display in every game to the energy of the crowd, it is safe to say that college sports are more enjoyable and entertaining to watch than the pros.  

So whether you are watching the game in person, on TV, or through a streaming app, here is every reason why college sports are better than the pros. 

Passion For The Game

College athletes are the most passionate athletes in the world. They are not motivated by a paycheck, a sneaker deal, or fame but by the pure love of their sport and a desire to win. According to the NCAA Recording Facts, less than two percent of collegiate athletes go on to play professional sports. Therefore, they understand that this is the highest level they will ever play at and make it a point to give it their all day in and day out. In addition, college seasons are much shorter, making each game a crucial aspect of their season. One loss can make or break their postseason dreams.


Not only do college athletes play for the love of the game, but they give 110% percent for their school. Most athletes stay with the school they committed to, unlike professional athletes who leave their teams to chase higher paychecks. The loyalty to their school makes the games more exciting to watch because it gives the athletes something to play for. 


One of the best things about college sports is their long-lasting traditions. Whether it’s famous fight songs, marching bands, or special cheers, college traditions provide an aspect to sports that professional sports can’t live up to. Whether the traditions were started by players, fans, or the schools themselves, each team has a unique tradition designed to help their teams win. 

Post-Season Games

Whether it is basketball’s March Madness or football’s infamous bowl games, there is nothing like post-season college sports. Teams work hard all season, going through excruciating training sessions, battling talented teams, and overcoming obstacles for a spot in the playoffs. Not only do teams have a shot at winning it all, but it provides dedicated players a chance to showcase their skills and attempt to make it to the big leagues. 


Whether it is Duke vs. North Carolina or Michigan vs. Ohio State, college rivalries are incredibly entertaining to watch. There is a reason why students and sports fans alike have every rivalry game marked on their calendars. Between the animosity between the schools and a deep desire to win, a rivalry game is one of the most thrilling sports events you could witness. 

The Fans

The athletes aren’t the only reason why college sports are better. Just as the players give it their all on the court or field, the fans make sure to bring all the energy they have. There is nothing crazier than the student section at the biggest football and basketball games. In fact, the crowds get so crazy that they have a significant impact on the game itself. 

Watch More College Sports

Even if you love professional sports, give college sports a chance and see why they are better for yourself. It just may take you back to your own collegiate days and put that fighting spirit back into your heart with every game you watch.

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