8 Popular Engagement Ring Styles For Millennials

Engagement rings have always meant love and commitment for many couples – even young millennials believe this idea remains relevant today. Their generations are touted as the biggest market for this jewelry out there right now.  

But when it comes to engagement rings, millennials are looking for something a bit different. They’re no longer satisfied with the traditional styles. Instead, they want something unique that will highlight their personality and lifestyle. 

To know more, here are the top popular engagement ring styles for millennials:  


Although millennials are known to buck trends when choosing engagement rings, many remain practical. They want diamond cuts that make the most out of the center stone’s size, so they prefer elongated stones such as pear, marquise, and emerald cut diamonds. Although many still want the North-South setting, some millennials also request the East-West orientation because it’s a less traditional style for these elongated stones.  


There are quite a significant number of millennials and even Gen Z couples that consider wedding and engagement rings as two of the most valuable wedding investments worth their money. Thus, they are keen on picking attractive and timeless engagement ring styles that they can pass on to the next generation.  

One design that gained popularity during the Victorian era and remains a top pick today is the halo setting. This engagement ring style highlights the center gem by encircling it with smaller-cut diamonds. This stone placement will make the center stone – usually a cushion or round-shaped diamond, appear larger.  


Millennials want something that represents them or tells their story through design. So, it’s not surprising that some choose engagement rings that are one of a kind and customized, even if such is a bit pricier than usual. Maybe this is one of the reasons why millennials spend more for an engagement ring, coughing up an average of USD$3,000 per ring. That’s slightly higher compared to the USD$2,800 that average non-millennial couples are willing to shell out.  

Chunky And Bold 

This generation wants statement pieces when it comes to buying engagement rings. So, they are drawn to bold and chunky designs that feature huge stones and funky styles. However, millennials are also practical, and at the same time, more conscious about the environment and social issues, so they prefer buying engagement rings and jewelry made from lab grown diamonds. Not only are these diamonds more affordable, but they are ethically sourced as well. So, even if they pick rings with a 3-carat or more center stone, they will not cost as much as naturally mined diamonds. 

Toi Et Moi 

Even before the engagement ring of Hollywood actress Megan Fox captured the media’s fancy, the Toi et Moi style was already beginning to gain popularity. This style, which means you and me, features two complementary gems, typically having a winding silhouette. Hence, many sentimental couples find this style to be very romantic. It’s worth emphasizing that the Toi et Moi is not a new style since it was first featured in 1796 during Napoleon and Joséphine’s marriage. 


As mentioned earlier, millennials are drawn to something that tells a story or has personal value. So, when it comes to picking engagement rings, they are also attracted to vintage or vintage-inspired designs. They either want to find a design that espouses nostalgia or to use family heirlooms, much like the popular engagement ring of Kate Middleton, a piece that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana. 


Although Paris Hilton’s 20-carat emerald-cut engagement ring in 2021 is fabulous, only a few could afford a USD$2-million piece. So, instead of pining for a center stone with a huge carat, budget-savvy millennials take inspiration from the three-stone ring style, which is equally stunning.  

Many jewelers believe that millennials will continue to embrace this design for years to come. It features a huge center stone bounded by a smaller stone on each side. Like, the halo design, the three-stone engagement ring style also makes the center gem look much larger.  

Gender Fluid  

Another engagement ring style slowly getting popular among millennials is the gender-fluid design. However, even if the design may be gender fluid, it doesn’t mean it’s boring and plain. These engagement rings can be a thick platinum or gold band, a signet-ring design, or a piece of eternity-styled jewelry. The main goal of this type of jewelry trend is to ensure that the ring does not look overly feminine or masculine. Maybe this ring style’s popularity is due to many millennials’ support for equality and gender neutrality.  

The Bottom Line 

Most millennials still believe in engagement and the tradition of engagement rings. However, they are not merely looking for just any piece of jewelry. They’re more attracted to pieces with personal meaning to their relationship. The above list should give you a ring-style idea for millennials.

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