Wedding Planners Reveal Secrets They Always Share With Their Clients

Wedding planners are people who help you plan your wedding in a way that will make your day special and memorable. Their main goal is to see the couple happy and satisfied. They are experts at everything from budgeting and organizing the guest list to arranging the décor and flowers.

If you don’t have enough budget to hire a wedding planner, you can look through the list of tips that experienced wedding planners share with their clients. Let’s dive into eight essential tips that will help you enjoy that special day.

Begin by Looking At Your Finances 

The first and foremost thing is to consider your budget. Determine your guest count and then your goal budget before making any wedding decisions. Think about the whole cost of your party. Spend money on what’s most important to you. What are the most valuable things for you during weddings? It can be the music of you and your partner’s favorite band or if you are foodies pay special attention to food by your favorite caterers and bakers. Only you two know what’s most important for your wedding. So, make a list of what you value the most. Once you know, you can start planning your budget around those priorities.

Be Genuine

You need to be genuine and honest with all involved in your wedding. Be as specific as possible when explaining your requirements and needs to them. You have to tell your vendors about things you like and don’t like so that everyone who works at your wedding will meet your demands. 

Choose the Right Photographer and Videographer

How would you feel if you spent your time wonderfully and wait for your wedding videos and pictures, but they come in low-quality and don’t showcase all the emotions from that special day? Poor pictures and videos will definitely disappoint you if you don’t put enough thought in who you hire. So, it’s really essential to find the best wedding videographers and photographers with whom you’ll be comfortable to work. Many pictures and videos turn out to be not natural because a lot of times couples don’t feel comfortable with their wedding photographers and videographers. 

Learn about your photographer’s working style. Review their portfolio and see what kind of wedding photos they’ve done before. See if they deliver consistent and high-quality wedding photos. Ensure your wedding photographer’s work is in line with your personal style and preferences. Every photographer’s perspective and style are distinct, as are their shooting and editing skills. 

When you find one who you like, it’s time to share your priorities with them: 

  • Show them some examples of wedding pictures that you really like. 
  • Tell them how you imagine your wedding pictures — again what you like and don’t like. Describe the perfect wedding photo that you imagine. Be as specific as possible: what is the place, how do you pose, is it a golden hour, are there any flowers?
  • Tell them about your style preferences, needs, desires, interests, and priorities, so that experts will make every effort to meet your needs. Most of the time, they will ask you questions about the ways you want your pictures to be. So, be clear and specific and prioritize photography. Hire the greatest photographers and videographers to capture your lifelong memories. 

Think About Guests

Make your visitors a priority. It’s critical to consider the entire guest experience, especially for those who are traveling to your wedding. Organize your wedding in a way that will make both you and your guests comfortable. For example, if your ceremony may be too hot or cold, make sure to provide drinks, blankets, and fans to solve these difficulties. 

When taking photos after the ceremony, guests must wait a long period of time for the bridal couple to arrive and begin the meal. Guests are frequently left hungry for hours. As a result, be respectful to your visitors. If you have planned a long photoshoot, make sure to provide lots of food and amusement in the meantime.

Think of a Gown Later

You need to decide the venue and the date of your wedding before going to buy or rent a wedding gown. Your gown should complement the setting of the venue and the season. You don’t need to buy a dress months or years before the wedding day. It’s more likely that your body will change in that time period between buying your dress and the wedding day, leaving brides unsatisifed with how it looks on them months later. Altering the dress at the last minute is much tougher than finding your dream dress a little closer to the wedding day. 

Don’t Stress

Weddings can be stressful because of family tensions, financial difficulty, and other factors. You need to think of it as a large dinner party. This will help you concentrate on the positive aspects of your wedding.

While it’s always beneficial to get advice from family and friends, don’t let anybody else control and influence your wedding day. Don’t get overwhelmed to meet the expectations of your family or friends. It’s your wedding day, and you should be able to have it the way you want it. Don’t think about how your friend did it and how luxurious it was; instead, focus on what you want, and keep it simple. Don’t be overwhelmed with “rules.”

Save Extra Money

It’s critical to set aside an extra 5 to 10% of your budget for unexpected costs such as additional tailoring, extra meals and drinks served, etc. Your budget can be spent on the reception, flower arrangement, photography and videography, music, gown, invitations, and other items. So, always have extra “just in case” money set aside. 

Meet Your Vendors

Always meet your vendors in person to understand whether they are the ones you want to choose. If you don’t feel comfortable next to them or their attitude irritates you, then it’s not the right choice. Face-to-face communication can help you see how professional and caring your vendors are. Here are common vendors of your wedding you may want to meet:

  • Celebrant
  • Hair and makeup pros
  • Cake baker
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Venue team
  • Florist
  • Caterer
  • Musicians and DJs

These were some of the tips we decided to share. Follow them and have a wonderful and memorable wedding!

Article by Penny Arnolds

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