The Dummies’ Guide to Sensual Gifts

Are you ready to spark all your senses at the same time and try something new in the bedroom? Sensual gifts will heighten pleasure and create a more intense experience for you and your partner. However, it can be difficult to know how to choose the perfect gift. Do you get something just for them, or do you find something you can enjoy together? Of course, you could just ask them. That could take some of the spice out of the surprise, though. 

Whether you’re trying to enhance your Valentine’s Day, get your honeymoon started off right, or just want to make their birthday extra special, follow these simple tips to entice your partner with the ultimate sensual gift. Learn your own love language (as well as your special someone’s), set the mood, and find a gift that will keep on giving.

Figure Out What They’re Into

When you enrich your sex life with healthy, deep conversations, you add another dimension to lovemaking. Take the time to talk about what you both like and don’t like in the bedroom. Leave room to explore with each other, but don’t hesitate to express yourself and listen when your lover does the same. Talking about sex with your partner allows them to articulate their desires, giving you plenty of ideas for sensual gifts you know will excite them. 

However, if you’re a shy or reticent couple reluctant to start the conversation, sensual gifts are actually a great way to break the ice. For example, fun and cheeky adult games can free you both up to talk about sex by engaging in the topic in a fun, playful, erotic way. Moreover, they help you rebuild flagging rapport, restore a fading connection, and regain your sexual confidence with one another. Opt for an intimate card game or a sexy dice set. Take it to the bedroom so you’re ready when the foreplay heats up. Before you know it, you’ll be closer than ever, both physically and emotionally.  

Set the Mood

Setting the mood with your dirty talk will add a layer of electricity to the proceedings. The atmosphere you create for intimacy, rooted in play, speaks to you both – your turn-ons, your sensual proclivities, and the many things you love about each other. Before you start, consider the kind of environment you want to build. Will it be romantic and sweet or passionate and bold? Look for small gifts that will help you set the mood and keep it going all night long. 

Make your gift-giving an event, and engage the senses. Complement the game with some relaxing massage oils that will encourage touch. Heat them up and spend all weekend in bed together. Include a candle or two in lavender, rose, or other scents that will get your hearts racing. Finally, give your partner some lingerie and dim the lights. 

Choose Toys and Games You’ll Both Enjoy

Genuine intimacy isn’t just about getting naked. It’s about knowing each other better than anyone else in the world. Once you’ve gotten on the same page, it’s easier to choose a game or toy for your S.O.. From dildos to bondage accessories, consider something you can use together. This will allow you to explore one another in new, and sensual, ways. 

Or, make the night all about them. Go for a toy they can use with you or alone. Perhaps they love vibrators or penis rings that will make the pleasure last. Or maybe they prefer fetish toys that will take your session to the next level. Whatever you choose, just ensure it’s body-safe and from a reputable retailer. 

Sensual gifts, like adult games, oils, and toys, have the power to deepen your relationship. By opening the lines of communication, you’ll enjoy a renewed understanding and appreciation of your partner. With the help of these gifts, how can your sex life be anything but deliciously fulfilling?

Article by Ashlee Moore

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