7 Perfect Gift Ideas for Expecting Parents

You see the baby bump. You watch the gender reveal on TikTok or Instagram. You get the invitation to the baby shower. That’s right, your loved one is expecting and it’s time to get them the perfect baby gift. 

With so many options available, how are you to know what the ideal gift is? Is it organic? Soft enough? The right size? Sustainable? We’ve taken the overwhelm out of gift-hunting by creating an expecting parent gift guide just for you.

1. A Diaper Subscription

Every expectant parent, new or seasoned, prays for diapers. That’s why we love gifting a Dyper subscription. Not only are Dyper’s diapers responsible, sustainable and absorbent, with a subscription plan, your loved one will never be straddling a naked baby reaching for the diaper bag… only to find none. You’ll be the diaper hero every family longs for.

2. Versace Newborn Outfit

Expecting parents will love receiving a Versace newborn outfit as a perfect gift! The luxurious and stylish Versace newborn outfit is sure to be a hit with expectant parents and will be sure to make their little one stand out from the crowd.  It features a soft, comfortable fabric with beautiful embellishments, perfect for making the baby look stylish and fashionable. The expecting parents will be thrilled to receive such an exquisite gift and it will be sure to make their little one look and feel extra special.

3. Mustela Baby Products

Most seasoned parents gush about their love of Mustela baby products. Not only does your loved one’s new baby need diapers, but they’ll need all the things to go with them: wipes, diaper cream, lotions and more. Mustela offers sustainable solutions for nearly every baby’s skincare needs, with organic options available. 

4. BIBS Pacifiers and the Mushie Pacifier Clip

Anyone sitting near a screaming baby prays for a good pacifier. Your expectant parent friend or family member needs a good reliable pacifier, and BIBS are all the rage — and with good reason. Not only are their designs and colors a baby favorite, but they’re committed to minimizing environmental impact. Throw in a Mushie pacifier clip to complete the ensemble and keep the BIBS pacifier from getting lost.

5. Child Universe Personalized Wooden Toys

While it might be a minute before a newborn is playing with toys, parents love having the option on hand and ready for their little one’s entertainment (and their own short break). Child Universe creates wooden name puzzles that are handcrafted in a sweet Ukrainian workshop. Seeing their child’s name in high-quality wood (and nontoxic paint) will make every parent’s heart swoon. Choose from a variety of customizable puzzle (and toy) options.   

6. Books

Not long after a child enters the home, parents are already planning their future, including which top preschool and university he or she will attend. Why not help them out with some early literacy? Grab any one of our favorite books and your expectant parent will be sure to thank you. Here are a few to get you started: “Escargot” by Dashka Slater, “The Going to Bed Book” by Sandra Boynton, “Duck and Goose” books by Tad HIlls and “Tercules” by Marcy Pusey. 

7. A Pretty Robe

It’s easy to focus on the needs of the incoming baby and forget the parents in the process. But like any expectant family, multiple members are involved. Consider grabbing a unique robe for the expectant parents that will help them feel nice and cozy during any hospital stays and early newborn days at home. We love Milkmaid Goods for their fun robes, matching pajamas, swaddles and more. 

8. House Cleaning

In the midst of diapering, feeding, playing and napping with the baby, a new parent’s house can become … well, a disaster. One of the greatest gifts you can give a family is house cleaning. Hire some help so they can focus on their little bundle of joy. You will be the hero of their hearts when their house shines while they coo and ooh with their baby. Want to level up? Throw in a meal or start a meal train. 

Gifts For Expectant Parents Will Last Forever

While there are many ads and commercials vying for your dollars, not all baby items are created equally. That’s why we’ve gathered the cream of the crop, not only in design and performance, but sustainability too. Grab something (or all things) from our list and you can be confident that you’ll have the perfect gift for your loved one. Whether it’s a brilliant diaper subscription or clean house and a meal, your loved one will remember your kindness and generosity forever.

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