Why You Should Consider Continuing Your Education

Education is a big deal in the modern day and age – the more skills you have under your belt, the more sought after you will be in the job market. And when you have all kinds of employers knocking down your door, trying to get you into the interview room, you’re going to have your pick of any rung on the career ladder! 

It sounds like a real dream, doesn’t it? Which does little to stop it from sounding impossible… but it doesn’t have to be. But how exactly do you get to a position like this? How can you be sure you’ll come across as someone in demand with the right skills for anyone who parses over your CV? Well, you go back to school, and try to upgrade your current education.

Going back to school as an adult might seem quite daunting, but in reality, the benefits it will grant you definitely outweigh the drawbacks! Of course, it’s going to take a lot of courage, and a real work around of your current schedule, but it might just be the perfect option for you. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the main ways an upgrade to your education could improve your life. If you’re someone who’s between jobs at the moment, or you’re stagnating in your current career, feel free to use the tips below to try and help yourself out. All it takes is a little bit of effort. 

Boost Your Skills in Your Current Job

The job you’re currently working might not be the best fit for you, but the first thing to do is to work out why that is. What is it about what you get up to in your career that sets your teeth on edge? Because this will lead on to quite a few other questions that you’ll find very helpful to try and answer! 

Is it the working environment? Are you surrounded by noise and invasive coworkers? Is it your boss? Do you not get on with them and their heightened sense of authority at all? Or is it the work itself? Do you find it hard in some places? Do you find it generally quite boring? What would you prefer to be doing with a day’s work? 

And if you find that last set of questions to have the most bearing on why you hate your job, it might be time to turn your attention back towards your education. Because you might just be a bit ill qualified for what you do, or overqualified, or simply wasted in your current position. You deserve better, and now’s the time to realise that!

Going back to school will certainly bump up your CV just a bit more, but it’ll help you to gain a bit more confidence with what you can do as well. You’ll have another qualification under your belt, or you’ll have a few more soft skills that will put to good use in your working environment. All in all, you’d be able to boost your skills for your current job, especially if you know you used to love what you did, and want to be able to find that passion all over again. 

Earn an in Demand Qualification

Speaking of qualifying yourself… if you find you can’t stand another day in your current career, even after going back to school and boosting your skills for it, it might be time for a change. There’s no point slogging away day after day in a job you hate – you’ll lose all love for your career, and you’ll absolutely detest having to wake up and do just another day’s work. It really is no way to live! 

Which is why it might be the perfect time for you to start looking into the most in demand qualifications on the market at the moment. Find out which skills are the top of the list, and think about which ones would suit you the most; what kind of skill sets do you already have? What qualifications would they help you branch out into? You want to get a jumpstart on the competition, after all! 

Let’s run with a quick example: one of the top skills employers are in need of right now is accounting. Money is the core of all businesses, and there are a lot of small businesses started every single day – not all of them are going to be able to balance the books on their own, and that’s where you could come in. And if you’re someone who’s good with maths, and already have an established career working in that sector, or you have the softer skill of an eye for detail, this could be the next best step for you. 

Find Your Creativity

You might want to find a new career right now simply because you’re bored and drained in your old one – don’t worry, that’s a perfectly viable reason to hand in your notice and move on to bigger and better things. But let’s make sure you do so properly. You don’t want to make a rash decision in the heat of the moment, and then leave yourself without any kind of renewable income source, whilst still maintaining that same lack of creativity. 

Creativity is something we feel we often lack in our careers. Even if you have a wide imagination, a lifetime of working in the ‘real world’ might just ruin that prospect for you! 

So instead, turn back towards your education options during a time like this. Think about what you enjoy doing, and what you’re passionate about in your spare time. What hobbies do you have? What kind of genres do you love to read? What clubs are you a part of? 

Using these elements of your life as a source of inspiration, you can start to think about what qualifications you would actually like to undertake. For example, if you’re someone who loves looking into the past, and spending time with archaeological groups, or history debate societies, turn your mind to becoming qualified as an archivist, or a history teacher, or even just an amateur trench digger, could be something far more creative for you. 

You know you’d enjoy training for it, and getting out and about in the name of it – it’s a great experience after having to slog away for months on end, and all simply because you took the leap to upgrade your education! 

Break Your Career Options Wide Open!

You may think you’re out of options, when it comes to your career, but you could never be more wrong. If you take the time to reeducate yourself, or head back to school to boost your skills, you really can break your career options wide open. 

Even online learning is a viable way to bolster your CV. If you’re someone who has no time at all to take a physical education course, or you have far too many responsibilities to even consider going back to a traditional school, make sure you put the internet to good use. There are so many options for people who wish to improve their career opportunities online. From getting a medical assistant certificate to gaining Google certificates – you simply have so many options. If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of going back to school, you shouldn’t have to miss out here! 

There’s all kinds of learning courses online, from the casual to the formal, to the six week to the six month, and you could invest a bit of time and effort in any number of them. Most online courses run on a discounted basis, especially if you’ve just signed up to a website, and you’ll never know which ones could work out well for you unless you take a look into them! There’s not much you have to lose here, so why not? 

Even degree programs can be taken using the internet. For example, if you have a passion for the healthcare sector, you could look into undertaking an MSN FNP – nursing is in high demand at the moment, and the more healthcare professionals we have out there, the better. We’re living in a modern world, so it only makes sense that digital learning programs are at the frontier of educational options for adults! 

Do You Want to Make a Change in Your Life?

Because getting an upgrade on your skills and qualifications might just be the best way to make a difference. Take the talents you currently have and really speak to them; don’t let them wither away whilst you undertake a job you hate – you won’t be doing anyone any favors if you keep going on like this! 

So make that change you need. Take a leap with your career. Do something you enjoy, and are properly trained and skilled for. It’ll make you a lot happier whilst at work, which leads on to all kinds of benefits in the future. Think of the potential promotions and pay rises that may just lay on your path ahead. 

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