10 Ways to Dress Up Your Jeans

When was the last time you slumped your shoulders while looking into your wardrobe, desperate for inspiration? It’s very easy to get caught up wearing the same outfits over and over again, but sometimes you just want something a little different. Unless you’re a stylist or you have one with you, you might find it hard to look at the plain jeans you’ve got and dress them another way. The thing is, you don’t need a stylist!

For those times you want to wear smart jeans for a hot night out, or slouchy jeans to be comfy while you get your housework done, you want to know how to dress them up to look beautiful for your night. You deserve to feel confident and while a great pair of jeans from STAUD can lift your butt and give you what you need to feel wonderful, you need to think about how to give the rest of the outfit a little zhuzh. With this in mind, here are ten great ways that you can dress up your jeans and feel like you look fantastic.

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From night to day

It’s so easy to ignore the switch, but there is a difference between day jeans and night out jeans. If you are going to be at work and you’re planning to head out afterwards, trust us when we say that a pair of white skinny jeans are going to do the job. You can make them day smart with a blazer, heels and a preppy top, but for the night? For the night you can switch out for a corset top and costume jewelry for a touch of drama. You’ll feel sexy and confident, and that’s the whole idea!

Don’t forget your lipstick

Believe it or not, your makeup choices can make a difference in the way that your jeans look! You can bet that the slick red lipstick you reserve for your favorite night out will transform the way your outfit looks altogether. Casual makeup looks are perfect for day or night, and you can use this trick to dress up everyday jeans. Even the pale, slouchy pair you want to wear will look better with the right makeup.

Add some layers

Jeans look so good when you layer your tops. Instead of settling for one basic tee, go for a layer of vest, long-sleeved tee and a waterfall cardigan. You’re going to make your jeans far more versatile and you can switch between day and night, smart and casual in just a moment. Even adding layers with a different bag will make your jeans look great. For the nights out, you should think about adding a glitzy top and a long shawl – slip on those heels and you’ll look wonderful.

Try a new material

If you love to wear skinny jeans, don’t just settle for denim. You’ll be able to see a whole new look when you have leather-look jeans in your wardrobe, too. These can help you to jazz up a business trip, or it can make your night out feel as if you are confident, beautiful and ready to meet new people. Black coated jeans can make a big difference to how you feel about yourself, and they just look great no matter what.

Shop new styles

If you want to dress up in jeans, try shopping out for new styles entirely. If you are a person who lives in skinny jeans, try bootleg options with a high waist and tucked-in blouse. You could also have more than one set of the same style. For example, you can have skinny jeans in different colors and different waists (high and low!). New styles will change your look entirely. They’re good for day or night, casual or business – yes, business! A dark pair of skinny jeans and a blazer will make you feel more comfortable in the boardroom.

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Go white

White jeans in any style can really jazz up your wardrobe. Usually, people keep white jeans in the summer and pair them with pastels to make them look beautiful. But have you seen white jeans with a navy blazer and a gold top? No, you won’t look like a sailor! You’ll look chic and classy and you can pair them with either a good pair of sneakers or you can add heels or boots. White jeans will make you feel like you stand out. 

Invest in a good belt

Belts – whether you get a skinny leather one or an Hermes scarf utilized as a belt – will upgrade your jeans in an instant. There was once a time we’d add chunky, thick belts to jeans to give the space between the top and jeans an accessory to stand out but trends and times change. Belts are there to help your jeans to stay up, but more than that, they can complement your outfit color and style. You can even get jeweled belts to match chunky costume jewelry. 

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Consider the shoes

It doesn’t really matter what kind of shoes you have, jeans work. Bootleg jeans are great with heels and heeled boots, high platform sneakers. Skinny jeans work with both boots, heels and beautiful sandal flats. No matter the type of jeans you’re wearing, there is always a shoe and a shoe height to suit them. Slouchy boyfriend jeans are the best kind with sneakers and docs – see, there’s a shoe for every jean!

Comfort is key

If you want to dress up your jeans properly, make sure that you’re comfortable. It really won’t matter the color or style if they don’t fit you properly. It can help you to know your measurements before you shop so that you can pick up what you need and know that they’re going to fit you from thigh to waist. It’s the hardest thing to find, so don’t despair over the size of the clothing; get what fits your measurements. 

Wear a smile

Lastly, rock your confidence with a wide, happy smile. You’ll make a big difference to yourself and your outfit when you feel good!

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