How to Prevent a God-Awful Hangover in Your 30s

There’s nothing better than going out and having a great time with your friends. The dancing (even when your feet hurt), the drinks (even when you get a Mojito – yuck) and the end of the night food (yes, that cheeseburger!) are all a part and parcel of a fantastic night with your friends. The one part that no one likes? The next day. The recovery. The hangover.

That feeling like you’ve been hit by a train is the result of your body reacting to the alcohol you’ve poured into it. It can trigger inflammation in your body and it then leads to exhaustion, headache, sickness and memory loss. If that sounds familiar to you, then the chances are high that you have had some excellent nights out in the past. The thing is, no one likes that part of the night out. No one wants to wake up and spend the day heaving into the wastepaper basket with the blinds drawn. The good news is that with the right planning, you don’t have to. Below, we’ve got the top tips that you need for reducing a hangover.

Plan ahead.

If you know you’re prone to hangovers and you’re going to end up with one, then plan ahead with a booking for IV hydration at home. You can get the nutrients that you need to reduce the risk of the hangover settling in and keep your body hydrated. You can also keep the ready salted chips and water in the cupboards at home – just in case.

Eat before you go.

It’s a tradition to have a burger or kebab at the end of the night on the way home. All that dancing and drinking alcohol will make you feel hungry. So, make sure that you eat before you go. When you line your stomach, you reduce your risk of a hangover massively and you can combat those extra acids produced by the stomach – this is what makes you feel sick!

Get some sports drinks in!

One of the best ways to combat hangover symptoms is with hydration. Sports drinks can give you that same hydration as water, so make sure that you have these in. You need those electrolytes replaced as fast as you lose them. 


We know; the last thing you will want to do when you are dragging and feeling awful after a night out is move. However, the movement of your body can help to release the right endorphins and hormones to make you feel so much better within yourself. 

Stick to alcohol-free.

When all is said and done, the best way to combat a hangover is to not drink at all. You could stick to soft drinks and mocktails and still have a great time with friends. You’ll avoid all hangover symptoms and you’ll remember the whole night, which is always a bonus! 

No matter what you do, drink responsibly and make sure that you feel confident in your night ahead.

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