Are Paid Surveys Legit?

Whether you’re saving for a dream vacation, looking for ways to pay off some lingering bills, or just want to boost your earnings, it never hurts to have a side hustle. After all, doesn’t everyone want to have a few extra bucks in their bank account?

With that in mind, there’s one popular revenue-generating tactic you can take advantage of at home or anywhere that offers a stable internet connection: paid surveys.

Indeed, paid surveys are just one effective way to make money online. They’re not only a legitimate way to earn extra income but getting started is incredibly easy, too.

What are Paid Surveys?

It’s no secret businesses glean insights directly from consumers — and get a better overall understanding of their target audiences — when conducting market research. In fact, they often use this data to improve marketing tactics, create better advertising content, and enhance their products or services to better align with consumer expectations.

While there are many ways to collect feedback from consumers, paid surveys are one of the most effective. Of course, it can be difficult to convince consumers to give up their valuable time for free. To overcome this barrier, businesses in various industries contract with third-party research firms to offer paid surveys.

During a survey, you’ll be asked to answer a handful of questions. Some surveys last two to three minutes, while others may take 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Naturally, longer surveys have bigger payouts because they demand more of your time.

How the Process Works

Once you locate a reputable paid survey platform, you’ll first create an account and provide information about yourself, including your age, gender, ethnicity, place of residence, and marital status. This data is used to connect you with surveys that are relevant to you.

You can select surveys from a dashboard when you’re all signed up. When browsing surveys, they will typically have an estimated completion time and payout amount listed next to them. 

After selecting a survey, you may have to answer a few additional qualifying questions before actually starting the questionnaire. Once the survey is complete, your reward will be added to your total earnings on the platform.

Getting Paid

Every time you complete a survey, your earnings total will rise. Some platforms use a points system, while others display your earnings in dollar amounts. Before you can withdraw your earnings, you’ll need to hit a predetermined threshold. After achieving this milestone, you can exchange your points for cash or rewards. Cash is usually distributed via PayPal, but some platforms offer other payment options.

How to Get Started Earning Money with Online Surveys

To begin, simply find a reputable paid survey site like Swagbucks or Create a free account, provide some basic demographic information, and voilà — you’re all set. 

These sites collect personal information such as your age, gender, and address to match you with relevant surveys. While your responses will impact which surveys you qualify for, virtually everyone has plenty of opportunities.

As you complete surveys, you can see your total earnings rise in real-time. Once you have hit the cash-out threshold, exchange your points for prizes or cash.

It’s Time to Rack Up Those Rewards

That’s really all there is to it. So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing your opinion today so you can rack up rewards and cash in on your downtime.

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