4 Most Interesting University Degrees to Consider

If you want to get a university degree, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Your university degree will determine your career path, lifestyle, earning potential, and social life, so there can be a lot of pressure on your shoulders. How to know what is best for you with so many variables to consider? Start by looking at your interests. What would you enjoy studying? What fascinates or intrigues you?  

Here is a list of interesting university degrees to consider if you need some inspiration.


Most of us have been introduced to criminology through popular TV shows like Criminal Minds, Suits, and Law & Order. Jobs in this field are thus highly romanticized. They also hold a lot of prestige because they are focused on tackling and preventing crime. 

Most universities offer degrees in criminal justice and criminology, and there’s a high interest in these fields. Check this list of criminology courses to find the best place for you to study. 


Not everyone wants to spend their productive years climbing the corporate ladder. If you love being outside and have a strong interest in history and culture, a degree in anthropology can be an ideal choice. 

A career in this field revolves around international travel and challenging intellectual work. You’ll get the chance to travel to faraway corners of the world that few people have seen. However, you’ll also spend a lot of time in the office, writing grant proposals and research papers.

Although anthropology is a fascinating degree, you need to commit to many years of study, including at the Ph.D. level, to build a satisfying career. Even so, the competition in the field is fierce. 


What can be more interesting than being on a movie set, working with famous actors and actresses? If you are a visual person with a strong passion for storytelling and the cinematographic arts, getting a degree in film can take you closer to your dream job. 

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It’s important to know that a film degree will not necessarily introduce you to the film industry. However, it will help you build the skills to impress someone in the industry or start a personal project. You can also use your skills and artistic talent in advertising, marketing, or video production. 

Travel and Tourism 

It seems incredible that some people are paid to travel the world. Unfortunately, working in the travel industry does not mean you are on a constant vacation. Even so, you can find many well-paid travel jobs.

A degree in travel and tourism will allow you to learn all the secrets of the travel industry. What makes a place appealing to tourists? How can hotels, restaurants, and transportation companies improve the tourist experience? Learning all about the travel industry can be an entertaining journey in itself. 

Not sure what to study in university? Think about your interests, skills, strengths, and personality before making such an important life decision. Get your inspiration from our list.  

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