5 Subtle Ornament Styles You Can Keep Up All Year Long

Relevance in decor is essential to most people, given the various styles popping up every day. However, Swarovski crystal ornaments have several artistic pieces that transcend the time factor. They have decorations for every occasion, made from different metals. 

This article gives five timeless ornament styles that make your space stand out.

Classic versus Contemporary

Décor standards evolve each day, with more styles coming up. From occasional décor to in-built designs, there are various approaches to make your space stand out. Themed occasions celebrate culture, modernity and a way of life, which are either classic or contemporary. Some might choose a blend of both to show social evolution.

Wedding and Christmas décor fall in this category. Despite being occasional events, you can incorporate their décor into the house’s interior designs. A celebration cake ornament and a Seasons of Love Heart ornament can easily blend into your house décor. 

Old versus New

It includes mixing your previous décor ornaments with the new ones to create a contrast. A Christmas theme suits this style where you can mix decorations from the last festivities with the new ones. They not only compliment the setting but also join the past and present. 

It also puts to use previous ornaments, which significantly reduces the décor cost.


As the world moves towards sophistication, vintage art and ornaments still carry the day. They give your space a rich appearance due to their simplicity and style. Instead of a metal hanger, consider using a wooden pole supported by natural branches. It also complements the color theme, bringing in a classic look.

You can put it in a corner, add synthetic branches and incorporate any silvery or golden colored ornament. The theme fits Christmas, Easter and Winter Holidays. After the season, you can keep the décor unchanged as it naturally fits into the horse décor, especially if your colors are brown, grey or black.

Stairway Décor

House stairways offer a good décor space since they are visible from any living room corner. It has a surface that allows you to be creative and space for hanging ornaments. There are several stairway designs to consider, among them:

  • Hang ornaments on every support pole on the staircase handle. You can choose to alternate 2 or 3 colors. However, consider the interior design theme when settling on the ornament color. 
  • Synthetic wrath with several ornaments makes the stairway attractive. Green is a natural color that easily fits any color theme. Most people borrow from their cultural styles, incorporating them into spaces like the stair cases.

Colored Theme

It is more of color than ornaments as it brings together any décor that has the color in focus. This approach work in individual rooms in the house. For example, a baby girl’s room should be littered with pink ornaments, while a baby boy’s room should have light blue colors.

The living room can either have a brown, golden or silvery theme. Such styles can stay for ages since they blend with people’s lifestyles and preferences.  

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