6 Spring Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

If you’re like me, spring means two things: allergies and cleaning. As you put away your ice scrapers and boots, the need to purge your house of clutter and organize what remains suddenly emerges and it’s time to transform your house, HGTV-style. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a pricey trip to the store, stocking up on chemicals and tools for your bathroom, kitchen and everywhere in between. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your soon-to-be clean home.

Fortunately, you can dive into your refrigerator and cabinets for simple household products that make a huge difference. Here are a few spring cleaning hacks utilizing what you have at home!


Your dishwasher does the dirty work, scrubbing at leftover food and grease, but the appliance needs to be cleaned, too! Grab your white vinegar and put a cup in the bottom of your (empty) dishwasher and turn to a heavy cleaning cycle. Try to consistently clean your dishwasher once a month!

Shower Head

 Carry that vinegar to the bathroom to finally get to cleaning the shower head. Vinegar can help attack the mineral build-up and a cleaner shower head means better water pressure! Who doesn’t want that? Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and cover your shower head, securing with rubber bands. Leave it overnight and be sure to run the water after removing the vinegar, or you may smell like vinegar after your shower.


 Who doesn’t hate cleaning out their microwave? Remains of exploded dishes get into every hard-to-reach crevice. You can make the job 10x easier by steaming your microwave. For optimal results, squeeze the juice from a lemon into a half cup of water and drop the rinds in. Microwave for three minutes, then let it stand for five minutes. The steam loosens the food particles, making it easier to wipe out!

Water Spots

Do you have hard water marks on your sink faucets? Pick up a lemon and apply a little juice to the end of a Q-Tips. The citric acid removes hard water marks.

Stove Top

Do you have burnt food on the top of your stove? Worried about using an abrasive cleaning tool and permanently scratching your stove top? Grab a dryer sheet and soak it. Place the wet dryer sheet on the burnt food location and let it sit for 15 minutes before wiping away.

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Cobweb Corners

Dust and—dare we say it—cobwebs can collect in hard to reach ceiling corners. Simply pick up a towel and wrap it around the end of a broom, securing with a rubber band, then wipe down the corners. The towel will pick up the dust without scattering around the room, like a feather duster can.

Whip your home into shape without having to spend extra money buying cleaning chemicals and save yourself some gas money. Got any cleaning hacks of your own? Tweet us at @litdarling.

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