9 Tips to Make Your Easter Brunch a Springtime Success

Spring is fast approaching, which means gardens are blooming, patios are opening and some of the best flavors of the year are coming back into season. These are just a few reasons springtime is the best time of year for everyone’s favorite meal — brunch. And Easter is the perfect excuse to host a special one that’s sure to become a new tradition among your family and friends. Here are some of our top tips and recipe ideas for Easter brunch.

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Stick to the Strictly Seasonal

When selecting your brunch food recipes, focus on ingredients you’d mostly find in the spring. Whether foraged from the backyard or hand-picked from the local farmers market, you simply can’t beat the seasonal flavors brought forth via morel mushrooms, ramps, rhubarb, mint, arugula, asparagus, artichokes, fennel, peas and more. 

Note: If you’re interested in foraging fresh food, especially ramps, make sure you know how to do so ethically and sustainably.

Here are some of our favorite brunch recipes featuring spring exclusives:

  • Morel, ramp and gruyere quiche
  • Asparagus and onion quiche
  • Asparagus and goat cheese quiche
  • Ramp and asparagus frittata 
  • Morel and bacon frittata 
  • Strawberry rhubarb breakfast oats
  • Strawberry rhubarb pancakes 
  • Rhubarb-buckwheat scones 

Incorporate Traditional Touches

Many traditional Easter brunch foods are notoriously heavy. Leg of lamb, deviled eggs, spiral ham, Parker House rolls and hot cross buns are customary favorites, but they’re probably not what you think of when you think of a bright, springy brunch. Instead of going full-on traditional, take some of these dishes and give them a brunched-up twist. Hint: just add eggs!

Here are some great ideas to get your wheels spinning:

  • Bacon deviled eggs
  • Eggs benedict with spiral ham
  • Croque madame with spiral ham
  • Lamb and feta frittata
  • Lamb and spinach frittata
  • Quiche Lorraine 
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Simplify with Casseroles, Frittatas and Quiches

When serving a crowd, you simply can’t go wrong with all-in-one baked dishes, such as casseroles, quiches and frittatas. These easy-breezy baked egg crowd-pleasers can be prepped ahead of time and pulled out of the oven when guests start arriving. Plus, they can be made in practical bakeware that doubles as pretty serveware on the dining room table so they’re easy and neat to serve. 

Go Big with Centerpieces

Just as the food adds to the seasonality of Easter Sunday, so too do the flowers. Make sure to choose blooms that are in season — tulips, garden roses, irises, poppies, daffodils, peonies and others. The key to creating a stunning spring centerpiece that completes your tablescape? Go for abundance. Of course, the more blooms and color, the more expensive your arrangement will be. Whether you’re making it yourself or ordering from the florist, you can make your money go further by fluffing it up with fillers and greens, such as baby’s breath and Queen Anne’s lace. Easter is unique in the spring because white flowers are customary (especially lilies), so don’t be afraid to dial back the color if you want to go more traditional.

Use Decorative Bakeware

The right bakeware is a game-changer for the modern host or hostess. As we mentioned before, not only will it help you achieve perfectly cooked casseroles, frittatas, quiches and more, but it also acts as elegant serveware on the table. Pair your pretty baking dishes with decorative trivets that add a layered look and practicality to your tablescape.

Go for High-Quality Napkins

Nothing dials up a brunch quite like some fancy linens. While fabric napkins are ideal if you’re planning a more formal Easter brunch, they are by no means the only choice. Paper napkins are totally okay and can even help you tie together your table settings with bright colors and patterns. Just make sure to choose a thicker-ply, higher quality option in a dinner or buffet napkin size to tie it all together.

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Create a Colorful Dessert Spread

The color palette potential is one of the best parts about springtime hosting! This time of year, it’s all about picking décor and dishes in soft shades of pastels. Bring some color to the table (quite literally) through your dessert spread with pretty pastel macarons, berry tartlets, fruity cakes and more. Don’t forget to sprinkle in some traditional colorful mints and candies, including jelly beans, dinner mints and Jordan almonds.

Set the Table with Mini Easter Baskets

Speaking of candy… why not send each guest home with their very own goodie-stuffed Easter basket? The perfect way to add dimension and a festive flair to each table setting, you can easily fill miniature baskets or cartons to the brim to decorate each plate and give everyone a sweet, memorable favor to take home. Create name tags to stick on each basket so everyone knows where to sit.

If the Weather’s Nice, Take It Outside

In many parts of the world, Easter weekend signifies the welcoming of warmer weather and sunshine. If it’s nice out, consider setting up your brunch buffet outside. Make sure to set up somewhere covered, as this time of year typically brings plenty of rain. Be sure to swap any fancy or fragile bakeware and serveware with thicker plastic options to prevent accidents. And don’t forget the backyard Easter egg hunt!

Our number one tip for hosting Easter brunch this year is to do your best to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that not only celebrates the holiday itself, but also the season and all its colorful flavors. With a little bit of planning and foresight, you’ll be able to put together a Sunday brunch that gets everyone in the spirit. 

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