Tips and Tricks for Managing & Understanding Your Utility Bills

Utility bill management is quickly becoming an integral part of any company. Whether it is an energy-intensive facility like data centers or processing companies, or just a small start-up business, having an elaborate energy management department can save you a lot of money. Besides identifying common billing errors, an elaborate utility management department will pinpoint areas you can work on and save energy. This guide is aimed at teaching you how to manage utility bills in your company.

Offsite Renewable Based Contracts

There are several renewable energy developers out there. Like you, they are in business to make a profit. So, why don’t you arrange and get cheaper power from these developers? Statistics show that investing in offsite renewable-based contracts can significantly cut down utility costs. They allow other companies to enter contracts with them. Consequently, you will get cheaper power. Plus, this is one of the best ways to save the environment and stabilize power prices. Remember to negotiate for better office electricity prices.

Smart Controls

Smart controls will significantly cut down the utility usage in your company. The internet of things has made it possible to shift loads without affecting usage. Nowadays, smart appliances like thermostats can time the air conditioning and water heaters. These gadgets can help you save up to 40 percent of energy in your home.

On-Site Renewables

Renewable energy is becoming an important component of any company. Besides helping you save energy; renewable energy is eco-friendly. Thus, install on-site renewables like solar PV (solar photovoltaics). These renewable options can be ideal in areas like parking lots, homes, etc. Renewable energy can also help you deal with power outages.

Energy Audits

Establish a complementary energy management department. Hire the right auditors to ensure that your company isn’t wasting energy. Alternatively, you can outsource these services to other professionals.

Smart Lighting

If you are still using traditional lighting, switch to smart lighting. Think in terms of LEDs. According to research, LEDs can save up to 80 percent of energy.


Don’t leave used appliances plugged on. Switch them off. You can also unplug used appliances. Remember, certain types of appliances can still draw power even when they are off. Thus, unplugging them is the best solution.

Automated Air Conditioner

Invest in smart technology when it comes to air conditioning. HVAC systems take a considerable amount of energy. If you aren’t careful, it can inflate the energy bill. Thus, invest in energy-efficient systems. Ensure that they come with an energy star.


Close all the windows during winter. Ensure that there is proper insulation. This will give your HVAC system an easy time warming the house. You can also leverage natural light during the day and switch off the bulbs. These little efforts can save you energy.

The Bottom-Line

If your company wants to be efficient and profitable, establish a strong energy management strategy. Have a competent energy management department. Use the above guides to professionally manage utility bills in your company. 

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