Side Hustles That Will Increase Your Income

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You’ve been working for ages, and you still cannot afford the luxury lifestyle you’re craving for? Maybe you dream of having a nice three bedroom house in the suburbs, with a big yard, and afford vacations two times a year to exotic destinations? The digital era makes all of that possible, and with the side hustles mentioned below, your dreams will finally come true. 

Before we take you on a journey, it’s only right to mention that the best only fans accounts are making six digits a month! Sounds impossible, but with a bit of effort, good aesthetics, and a playful personality, the doors in front of you just fly open. If OnlyFans is not the right choice for you, we’re sure that the following side hustles will be!

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Side hustles to realize your dreams

Content writer

Writing blogs, either as a ghostwriter or under your name can be a terrific way of making tons of money, in a short amount of time. It’s easy, and you only need a few skills: scan through huge documents and articles, be creative, and think out of the box. Those three skills are your ticket to the world of content writing, where respectable companies are looking for skilled professionals to take their firms to another level. You’d be surprised to learn just how much a single article can change a company’s dynamic. 

Your content should always be engaging, informative, and easy on the eye. You don’t want the reader to get tired of your two-minute article. Easy flow is crucial and simple wording, as well as shorter sentences, are the best. On average, content writers who are just getting started in the business are earning anywhere between 15-50$ per hour. There is also a possibility for your side hustle to grow into a full-time job with all the benefits. 

Start your own blog

You definitely have something that you’re passionate about, whether it is food, or exotic destinations… well, what if we told you that you can make money just by writing about your passion? Every beginning is hard, but consistency is the key. You need to write every day, share with people things that might interest them, and soon enough, you’ll have a wide fanbase, among which you’ll definitely meet your future sponsors. 

There are two main ways that bloggers get paid. The first one is via ads and the second one via sponsored posts. Ads are all around us, and if they interest us, we click on them, and once you fall into that magic circle, it’s going to be hours before you find your way out. That’s the power of social media. As we click on the ad, the blogger receives a small amount of money. The more viewers click on it, the more money the blogger gets. 

Sponsored posts bring a lot more money than ads, and bloggers love them. Bloggers will write about a company or a brand, which will give it attention from the fanbase. Depending on the branch where the blogger operates, the articles can be about style, fashion, health, and supplements… either way, the bloggers’ fans will read all about it, and hopefully, they’ll grow interested in the product or company, leading to more buyers. 

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Web development 

The most hated subject from high school may come in handy now. Web development can easily bring you $5,000-7,000 a month. For starters, you need to have advanced knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and after a while, you’ll start advancing and learning the other, less used, but equally important coding languages. 

Web developers can either work for a company or as freelancers. People tend to hire companies more frequently because they seem more trustworthy, and they generally feel safer putting their money out in front of a legal firm. But, freelancers can also build their reputation over time, and you can always find clients who will be more than happy to leave a review for your work. 

Social media manager 

Social media became so popular lately, that people use it for all sorts of things. They meet new people, post their opinions, and facts, promote products, and their companies get in touch with loyal clients. But, companies online sometimes need the help of a professional, who will make their profiles visible to the public, this way promoting them. It became so popular and well-known, that there are many courses that will provide you with a certificate, and there are also college subjects related to this topic. 

As a social media manager, you’ll know when and what to post, and how to reach the target audience. You’ll implement lots of strategies, some of them more successful than the others, but in the end, the main goal will be to connect people to the company you currently work for. This job requires teamwork, as you’ll work with other content creators. 

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