How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Australia in 2022?

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We’ve all been to weddings – some in which no expense is spared; others that left us wanting a little more. This all depends on the number of guests invited, the quality (and quantity) of food, entertainment, venue hire, celebrant hire, and of course, the most important part, the wedding cake. 

Though a deluxe wedding can cost tens of thousands – especially if money is no object to both families – but for most of us we have to be a little more realistic. In Australia, replete with long periods of stunning weather, outdoor weddings abound, as do more typical services. So for those curious about just how much the average wedding costs down under in 2022, read on!

The average cost of a wedding in Australia

According to data compiled by Savvy from Statista and Easy Weddings, the average cost of a wedding in Australia in 2021 is $27,228 (USD $19k) – a drop of 17.3% over 2019’s figures. 

If you’re planning to get married in Victoria, be prepared for wallet pain. Victorian venue hire costs an average of $14,710 (USD $10k); celebrants cost $898 (USD $637); and a wedding dress costs $2,675 (USD $1,897). The average wedding in Victoria cost $29,898 (USD $21k) in 2021, a shade behind NSW with $30,670 (USD $22k).

Despite the higher-than-average costs in Victoria, Victoria’s onerous COVID-19 density limits and extended lockdowns meant budding brides and grooms had to invite far fewer guests – if they were allowed guests at all during 2020-21. 23.7% of couples reported they had to change their wedding guest numbers, according to Easy Weddings research.

Also, according to Statista, first marriages for both parties across the board fell from 82,810 in 2019 to 56,530 in 2020 – which may also be attributed to COVID-19 related postponements. 17% of couples reported to Easy Weddings that they had lost deposits due to COVID-19 lockdowns or density limits.

Betrothal on a budget – other states compared

WA, SA, and the ACT all had average wedding costs around $25,000 (USD $18k) – the cheapest state was Tasmania on $19,507 (USD $14k), followed by Queensland on $20,537 (USD $14.5k).

Queensland had the cheapest wedding dress costs ($1,979 or USD $ 1,403), bridesmaids dress costs ($296 or USD $209), and wedding venue hire costs ($8,180 USD $5,802)

The national average wedding cake cost was $545 – $593 (USD $420 approx.) in New South Wales as the most expensive and $380 ($270) in the ACT, which was the cheapest.

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Can you get a better deal?

If you’re one of the 37.5% of couples that fund the wedding on their own, you want to stretch your budget out as much as possible. The most popular months for weddings are February, March, and October, according to Statista. Picking a less popular month may mean savings in venue hire, photographer or videographer costs, and celebrant costs. Through April and July, the number of marriages stay consistently below 4,000.

Combining your wedding and your honeymoon – particularly in a location such as Queensland – could also be a cost saver. Queensland’s wedding costs are significantly lower than the more populous states such as NSW and Victoria. 

By making a few adjustments to your date and location could mean a lavish and memorable wedding that comes in well below the average – which you could then put towards your home deposit, extended holiday, or wedding present!

Before making the decision to elope down under to tie the knot, do keep in mind that all prices are averages only – Aussies love to spend as much as anyone on extravagant weddings, you’d better believe it! The above prices do however demonstrate that a more budget friendly option is available if you’re willing to shop around. 

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