Father’s Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Actually Love

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Father’s Day provides a chance to pay tribute to that special father figure in your life – whether he’s your biological father or just someone who’s taken up the same role. To make the day really special, it’s worth marking it with a suitable gift. But exactly which gifts make the best fit for the occasion? Let’s take a look at a few of the standouts.

Something personalised

Thanks to the modern internet, it’s never been easier to get a personalised message engraved on a luxury product. It’s often a good idea to personalise an item that’s going to be used regularly, like a pen knife, a handsaw, or a set of golf clubs. Then, of course, there’s the personalised number plate (though that might involve a little bit of back-and-forth with the DVLA). Tailor made golf wedges are often a good idea.


If you want to provide a few treats that only tend to be enjoyed on a special occasion, then you might look into assembling a hamper. That way, you’ll be able to cram a dozen or so luxury items into a single gift. This has the advantage of safety: even if one of the items you buy doesn’t quite hit the mark, you’ll have other ones to fall back on. So, it’s hard to go wrong with a hamper.

You can also make a cigar and a beverage lavish hamper. This won’t leave any man indifferent, especially a cigar lover. When making such a hamper, pay attention to your loved one’s drinking and smoking tastes. If he prefers bourbon or whiskey, you can take Canadian or Irish whisky with H Upmann cigars known for their balanced medium-bodied flavors worldwide. For beer lovers, take Montecristo No. 4 or Cohiba Maduro 5 with dark beers. Cigar goes well with almost any type of drink, even with coffee. So, it’s not difficult to find a pairing.

Luxury items like caviar, posh chocolate and truffle-oil tend to go down well when they’re included in sets like this – but you should let your budget determine your shopping list.

A make-your-own kit

When you buy something that your dad has to put some effort into, you’re not only buying them a finished product: you’re also buying an experience that they’ll go through in order to make it. Herb gardens, brewing kits, and ships in bottles: they all provide something to do, as well as something to own. The best make-your-own kits end up becoming fully fledged hobbies, rather than just one-off treats.

A subscription

If your dad already has a passion, then signing him up for a gift that keeps on giving might be worthwhile. Pick a publication that matches his interests – or look for something that he’s already displayed an interest in. Subscriptions don’t just have to be to magazines and newspapers: they can also be to streaming services, online classes, and other personal-development products.

Of course, you won’t want to commit to paying for the subscription indefinitely: instead, pay for just a few months, and see if your dad wants to continue subscribing. 


If your dad has a cause near and dear to his heart, then you might elect to make a charitable donation in his name. Often, a charity auction is a great place to pick up rare items.

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